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I <3 Subway


I ate Subway for the first time in about 14 years.

I got no problem with some chubby schlub doing their marketing; some of their choices are not bad.

I got a foot long hero with whole wheat bread, turkey, roast beef, ham, provolone cheese, multiple vegetables, and some mayonnaise (gasp).

I <3 Subway.


So much so that you waited 14 years between sandwiches? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah but subway isn't bad.


I got their seafood sensation on a salad... it was awesome.


I hate the smell of Subway.


Heard they use a lot of fillers in their meats.


My dream of moving to america was largely so i could eat quiznos instead of subway, and it was worth the effort. Go Quiznos


Being a jersey boy, I like old school sub shops so much better. It's like comparing NY pizza to dominos. A good sub shop will use better bread, better meat, and be a lot more generous with the meat. Subway barely puts any meat on their sandwiches. Yours was probably ok because you got 3 different kinds. Try getting just turkey and they'll put like 2 slices on there.

Also.. I hate the way they cut the bread not all the way through and then start piling the meat on the crease. Then cheese, then lettuce, then tomatoe. So then when you close the sandwich and try to eat it.. you get one bite that is all tomatoe and lettuce and then another bite that is all meat. It's fucking retarded. Maybe I'm a sub snob. And I'm from north jersey so I don't say hoagie or grinder.... EVER!

Subway fucking blows if you ask me. :wink:


I'm with you dude.

Vito's or Lisa's in Hoboken = win


Its not called a sub or hoagie or grinder. Its called a HERO.


x3, I prefer the mom n' pop place better than the multi-national chains too.

We have a joint down the street called Jimmies. So flippin' good.

There is this place in Waltham that makes it's own rolls for the subs, god damn. So tasty.

But yeah, can't beat a good sub or pie on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


I worked at Subway for 2 weeks once.

I hate making subs for endless amounts of people. :slight_smile:


There's a reason it's called 'Subway'...

they make SUBS.


I'm glad you've found a restaurant that suits your new mediocre lifestyle. Congrats.


Ding, ding, ding and round one is underway folks. Brick is the veteran, but the up and comer WC7 is gunning for him.

FTR, Subway sucks. That's prolly why all those who inspire to be Mr. O eat there. Bread just gets in the way of the good stuff.


Quiznos brah


Yeah what's up with that anyways? There is a Subway under my second floor gym and it puts a stank on half the cardio area.


Not really, Brick and I both know where we stand and what we're about.


Seriously. You know your stuff and contribute (mostly) informative posts, but I just don't understand these threads about your non-bodybuilder lifestyle.

Besides, what self-respecting Brooklyn boy goes to Subway instead of a Mom-n-Pop sub shop?


No way dude, Dominos rules. But I also hate the smell of Subway.


Couldn't agree more.