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I <3 Antoine Vaillant



Curious does anyone else feel his back size is holding him back the most besides conditioning?


[quote]Intangible wrote:
Curious does anyone else feel his back size is holding him back the most besides conditioning?[/quote]

Back and chest are lagging parts. He’s even acknowledged this and i believe its going to be a major focus for him in 2014


Pretty good video. Good motivation.

Brownie points if anyone can tell me what that Adidas jacket is he’s wearing.


Hopefully I’m not the only one who loved every minute of this


[quote]Kamel wrote:

Hopefully I’m not the only one who loved every minute of this[/quote]

I watched this the other day, awesome.

Makes you wonder if that was chalk or an 8 ball he rubbed all over his face


I actually met the man at canadian nationals just a few months ago he was cracking jokes in the lobby funny as hell , and a lot taller than i had expected!


Arise dead thread and walk again. So hopefully not to jynx him, but it actually looks like he finally has his shit back together, he’s starting to look like his old self, and in his latest video he seems to be hinting at competing again. Thought this thread deserved a resurrection. If you were a fan of his, go look through his resent videos if you haven’t.


I’ve been following him on IG. He does look really good. I think I added him because he appeared in a Jujimufu post, lol


Always wondered if he’d come back



I was wondering about him the other day - what happened?


He had some people close to him die. Got into drugs and partying. Tried to come back 2 or 3 other times. Went to rehab. Got way way out of shape. This one seems to be sticking though. There are some older videos he posted about stuff that happened when he was trying to comeback before.


Hasn’t he always been drinking and partying though? I remember in 2010 or something he put up a YouTube video of him and Cedric in the club tweaked out to no end. He probably removed it, but he’s always been huge into that lifestyle. Nonetheless I’m super excited he’s back. I remember in around '08 when I first picked up a bar I bought a muscle and fitness and he was I an ad for Valtrax(?) or something for a diet pill. I saw his physique and was like FUCK and been hooked on him since. Bad ass motherfucker that loves metal and doesn’t take things too seriously.


You hear all sorts of stories whenever someone gains a following and people who are paying attention have their own expectations for what they will (should?) accomplish. Real life can derail plenty of great expectations.



Stu and I saw him compete at the NY Pro several years ago. Although I am aware that a prep can go wrong for anyone (even with a competent coach), even the best, I was seriously let down with his condition considering all the hubbub made about him.


Looks like the comeback is really happening. Hes looking pretty good.


Looking pretty good.



Agreed. I’m so ready for him to get stage lean and make a true comeback


Six weeks out atm


Came in fourth. Really good conditioning.