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Hysterectomy Recovery Without Losing Progress


Hey all,

I’m a 27 year old female lifter. I found out yesterday that I have to get a hysterectomy (they are only taking the uterus) and my first thought was… 6 weeks of recovery and no lifting?! So, I’m curious if anyone has dealt with this issue and how they have handled 6 weeks out of the gym. Any suggestions on how not to gain a massive amount of fat and completely undo all the work I’ve done? Or any good ideas on how to just be able to maintain during my recovery at least? I’m at a loss as to how to deal with six weeks no physical activity.


Sorry to hear it. I haven’t had that particular procedure, but I have experienced a surgery that required me to stay out of the gym and rest. My advice is to take the recovery seriously. Rushing things and accidentally tearing something isn’t worth the risk, IMO. Take it slow. You’ll be back on your game before you know it. No, you absolutely won’t “undo” everything you’ve done.

My surgeon told me that he often gets people who try to use the post op period to go on a diet, often because you don’t feel much like eating at first anyway, but the 6 weeks post op is not a good time to try to drop a few pounds. Your body needs nutrients to speed healing. That said, if you’re normally VERY active, you can likely gear back your calories to compensate for the loss of activity. I’d aim for maintaining your weight during this time.


Thank you! That was incredibly helpful. I wasn’t planning on worrying during recovery. I just want to be smart when I do get to go back to the gym. I may hire a trainer just to give me a bit more accountability in how and what I do.