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Hypothyroidism Info for My Wife


Hi all. I am looking for some information and possible help for my wife from someone who is knowledgeable or has had dealings with this condition.

As far as background my wife is 42 and currently on synthroid 88mcg. Up until about 8 years ago, she was involved in some local and regional figure competitions and she was thoroughly enjoying it. She told me she got a lot enjoyment out of the competition and how she was able to make her body look, even though she always thought she had to work at it twice as hard as other women. She was having more and more trouble controlling her weight and finally got to the point she stopped competing.

Besides the weight, she was tired a lot of the time, had dry skin, was losing hair in the shower and when she was drying it, and was she somewhat depressed and start losing interest in almost everything. She finally talked with her GP about possible thyroid issues. She had the regularly T4 TSH blood work and was diagnosed with mild hypothyroidism and placed on the minimum dose of synthroid.

8 years later she has gone up to the 88mcg. She still has pretty much the same symptoms, but they arenâ??t quit as sever. The only way she can lose any weight is going on very, very low carb diet and a ton of cardio. Even then, it is very slow like a pound a week. If she cuts back on anything are isnâ??t consistent her weight goes right backup.

In doing my own research on TRT for myself I have stumbled upon various information about the role of T3 in hypothyroidism. The information seems to be spotty and controversial but I thought it might have something to do with my wifeâ??s condition.

She is a RN and is skeptical about anything that doesnâ??t come out her docs mouth. She seems to be comfortable with her GPâ??s treatment because it is what it is and she has pretty much resigned herself to the fact it is not going to get any better because there is nothing else to do.

She has told me she feels like she is too young to be dealing with this and how much she wishes she could get back even close to where her body was before. I love her very much and I hate to see her to continue to struggle like this and wish there was something I could do.

Does anyone have any creditable information I could point her to that my show there are other options? Has anyone else gone through this and could share their experience.

As far as current levels, all I have to go one is what the GPâ??s office mailed after the last blood work about 2 weeks ago. T4 free 1.00/TSH 0.803 The note says these are within normal limits.


hiya Tman....

I am becoming a broken record, but PLEASE go read stopthethyroidmadness.com/things-we-learned as well as stopthethyroidmadness.com/t4-only-meds-dont-work

info on T3 medications are not spotty or controversial... there are just a bunch of doctors out there who don't have a clue or who are only educated by the pharma reps/companies looking to maximize profit.

you and your wife will quickly see that you are not alone and that countless others are facing the exact same struggle. Most doctors are clueless when it comes to thyroid/adrenal/hrt issues.

testing Free T4 is useless unless you test for Free T3, and Free T3 may not be helpful unless you test for Reverse T3.

If your body has issues converting T4 to T3, then simply taking more T4 won't solve anything... your body will simply dump the excess T4 to Reverse T3 which will block your Free T3 from working.

testing cortisol levels is also critical as well as confirming your ferritin/iron levels.

Most also find that they are short of D25-OH (vitamin D3) so supplementing 6,000iu D3 daily helps.