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Hypothyroidism experience?

Anyone have any experience with hypothyroidism and training and fat loss.

My wife has hypothyroidism - basically her thyroid doesn’t work at all. It is a genetic condition, both her uncle and mother have it, and our kids may well as they get older. She is 36, generally it is meant to come on at a later age, her mother was first diagnosed at about 50.

She takes medication daily to deliver to her body the hormones that your thyroid delivers naturally.

Anyway how much control can one have over fat loss when your metabolism is so heavily regulated by drugs?

Any experience anyone?

My step-daughter has the same condition. It hit her when she was 30. She started gaining weight and no matter how much time she put in the gym she couldn’t shake it off. However, now that she is on medication, she has been able to lose the weight. She watches what she eats and spends about 45 minutes to an hour at the gym 5 to 6 days a week doing cardio and weights. When you have this condition, you have to eat right and work out to stay slim. And if you don’t take your medication, that won’t even work.

Ok I should have said that she is a T-vixen. Trains 6 days a week using free weights and high intensity cardio.

Still she finds fat loss very difficult. Any tricks, given her condition?

One thing she has found helps, but is a bit naughty,(and something I frown on) is to up her medication above what her doctor recommends!

Does she have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis? If she’s on total thyroid replacement she shouldn’t have any problems losing the weight IF she is on the right medication and taking enough of it. Many people with hypothyroidism are treated only with synthetic t4 synthroid which doesn’t always do a good job of converting to the active t3 and these people struggle even though they are on meds. Many people on thyroid replacement get better results with a combination of synthroid and cytomel (t3). Consider having her evaluated by a more holistic oriented physician and get her thyroid levels all checked.

I have Schmidt’s Syndrome which means my thyroid and adrenal glands don’t work. I have a hell of a time losing fat thanks to prednisone, synthroid, and flourinef but I have been able to gain alot of lbm over the last year. Anybody have advice on how to lose fat while taking these drugs for the rest of my life?