Hypothyroid Treatment and TRT

Can anyone point me to some articles or research available about the correlation between thyroid function and low T?

Specifically I am interested in low testosterone and hypothyroidism and their relationship and treatment of same.

I have read some articles I found from a Google search but it seems an ocean of crap to wade through I was hoping there are a few respected studies or articles the more educated members could direct me to.

Does hypothyroidism exacerbate Low T or does low T exacerbate hypothyroidism can you really treat one without treating the other?

Thank you in advance for any information and my sincere apologizes if this has been covered ad nauseam and I didnâ??t uncover the information with the search function.

In for this…

Pop I don’t know of any studies really, however there is a strong correlation to hypothyroidism in men and low testosterone. We know that estrogen isn’t beneficial for the thyroid. Women are much more likely to be hypothyroid (something like 10 times more likely). I have heard some suggestions that estrogen prevents the uptake of iodine (crucial for thyroid hormones). In our modern world we are bombarded with estrogens from soy to bpa in our plastics and canned foods as well as fluoride and bromide, both of which compete with iodine. Add that to the low intake of iodine…then you have a very iodine deficient world.

So…which came first, the chicken or the egg? Perhaps what is causing secondary hypogonadism is what is also causing hypothyroidism.

T3 administration increases total testosterone but also increases SHBG. I am not sure if TRT increases thyroid hormones or not. All I know is there is a plague of both occurring and something is causing it…what it is exactly I don’t know but I would bet that all the garbage we are exposed to has something to do with it.

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You need to look at other parameters which is the job of a trained health professional to do. When dealing with these cases one needs to look at a lot of variables in order to determine what direction one should go with in order to give the best clinical approach. I have been consulting with medical professionals for 4 years.

Before one can even look at what protocol to follow, a full medical history as well as events leading up to how they are feeling are needed. Correcting adrenal and thyroid has in my experience help to regulate T production avoiding people from going on HRT. Again one needs to look at biological, emotional, mental,environmental stress in a person to know what came first.

I tend to have medical professionals treat the adrenals and thyroid first along with lifestyles, nutrition, and sleep hygiene before moving on to HRT if its really necceary.