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Hypothyroid? Does Test Increase TSH?

So, T4v was 23 and tsh 4, now doctor thinks i have hypothyroidism, and will take t3 also. I checked my bloodresults 1 year ago, there was t4v 22 and tsh 1.7… But this is kinda hard, if i would have hypothyroidism, why the hell my t4v is 23 ?. I have had whole my life hypothyroid symptoms… but those symptoms are same as in 1000 other things. In this stupid country where i live, they will give/put you on thyroid medicine almost pure based with TSH 4… or atleast start a try on it…

TRT increased my TSH and is true for a lot of men. It’s not hard to understand why since TRT increases metabolic rates putting more demand on everything. Some people who have hypothyroidism have conversion disorders, meaning the conversion from T4->T3 is insufficient, therefore T3 medicine is appropriate.

You should also test Free T3 and Reverse T3, TSH and Free T4 isn’t good enough. You need to see where Free T3 sits as this is the active hormone.

My TSH doubled when I started TRT, it went back down after a few months. You are not on TRT though, so it is hard to say what’s going on with your dose being what it is.

Mine increased initially then went back down.