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Hypothyroid? Bloodwork Attached

Had my blood work done recently and I saw my TSH @ 3.99 and thought that was a bit high. I’m on TRT, 200mg cypionate per week. I’m also on a low carb type diet. Do you think my thyroid #'s look a little off? I am feeling colder and have cold hands and feet(but it’s winter). Libido has been not the greatest lately as well. Thoughts?

That is getting a little high but your free T3 doesn’t look horrible at least.

Personally I would consider a trial of thyroid meds to see if it helps any of those issues. Try it, see what happens… worst case you stop and go back to where you are now.

Hypothyroidism can cause problems in liver function and even though your Free T3 isn’t low at the time of testing, it might only be sufficient some of the time. You probably have a case of subclinical hypothyroidism rather than full blown hypothyroidism.

Thanks for the replies. Would iodine and selenium be a good idea to supplement and see if it helps?

I don’t think taking supplementation blindly is a good idea, if a deficiency exists, then yes by all means supplement. Supplementing iodine will render TSH useless for diagnostic purposes because supplementing iodine will increase TSH.

TSH of 3.99 is high, and free T3 of 3.0 isn’t great. However, more importantly, how are you feeling? Sleeping? How do you feel first thing in the morning after a good nights sleep? Tired throughout the day, could always take a nap? Feel cold when everyone else is warm? Thinning hair? Eyebrows? Dry skin?

Symptoms, with those numbers, could put you on thyroid.