Hypothyrodism or Hypogonadism? Or Both? Lab Report Included

Please include ranges, not every labs has the same ranges.

You have the testosterone levels of a 90 year old man, most men your age have an average testosterone level of 600+, but I don’t expect your doctor to even know this simple fact. Your thyroid is diseased and am dumbfounded as to why your quack doctors believes your thyroid is fine.

Here in USA most progressive doctors take action when TSH rises above 2.5 uIU/ml, your thyroid labs are not checking free thyroid hormones and your doctor is failing you. You need fT3, rT3, fT4 and antibodies tested, however I seriously doubt you have access to some of those tests.

You can forget about TRT right now because it will not work when other systems are diseased, you’ll feel nothing from TRT and possibly worse as TRT attempts to restore metabolic rates a diseased thyroid will have trouble maintaining pace.

My TSH is .580 uIU/ml and I have no hypothyroid symptoms, you’re at the other end of the spectrum and clearly have symptoms. TSH closer to 1.0 is ideal, hair loss is a common to thyroid disorders, thinning eyebrows, dry skin, cold feet are all the most common.

There is not T4 receptor, fT3 is where the rubber meets the road and is the most important test possible. It makes no difference if T4 or T3 is plentiful if thyroid free hormones are deficient as some percentage of the population doesn’t properly convert fT4 → fT3.

You want a complete picture of what’s going on with your thyroid, get complete labs. It sounds as if these outdated old school (dinosaur) doctors are still using the old thyroid TSH ranges when they used to go up to 10.0 before beginning treatment, it’s absurd as you have all the common symptoms of hypothyroidism and doctors do nothing. Crazy world we live in, huh?