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Hypothetical Trip to Mexico

Lets say a friend of yours was going to Mexico in a few weeks and he was going to Portaviarta(sp). He had thought about buying some AS down there and mailing them back to himself in the States. He was going to buy deca and test cyp. Is there any special names he should know about on these products when he buys them there and are there any particular brands he should look for at the pharmacy? What would one expect tp pay for 400mg a wekk of deca and 500wk of cyp in mexico?

If my mate went to Mexico, they would have to mail the gear back to the UK… and also my mate wants to go to Oaxaca, and they get cheap and good steroids right here already.

Maybe you should not use one of my friends because it just isn’t going to work for you… Maybe if you went to Mexico yourself and got some steroids, you could then mail them back to the US for you and your friends to use there!

Now, aren’t you glad you posted?! Glad to be of help :slight_smile:

Thanks for that, Ok a friend of mine… was going to do the above. Are there particular brands to buy and what are the average costs to buy at a mex pharm? Is there anywhere I could get that info?

With the ridiculous abundance of UG labs in the domestic USA i can’t imagine why anyone would do this?