Hypothetical Scenario: RE: Seminar

Probably not; we’d likely be working a lot more outside the box on this one.

[quote]craigrasm wrote:
I’m interested as well. Is there a possibility for some CEU’s for the NSCA?[/quote]

Count me in.

Would refreshments be served?

Get it going EC, I can guarntee a group of about 5

I’m in

Good to know, everyone; we’ll definitely have to get this going.

Now, I know this was just a hypothetical, but if this does go down, what topics do you plan on covering? It doesn’t matter too much, as I’m up for learning anything related to the iron game, but I was just curious.


I’d most likely be in as well.

Well, if I could combine it w/ a trip home to CT, I’d be down for that. It might be the only way to get my husband to go back there! haha!

I’m in. Prophetman should definitely bring or send some of that beef, what a party that would be.