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hypothetical question


I haven't really found any solid evidence on this from reading's or previous posts, so I thought I would ask for my own thoughts. I haven't started my cycle yet, far too much to learn at this point, but when you are "on" what is the most amount of days you can skip injecting/working out do to illness or some other unforseen bump in the road? Didn't know if at a certain point you lost all you injected before and if you should all together abort the cycle or do you just pick up where you left off? Thanks for any info.


Yeah, you do have a lot to learn before you start a cycle. But, it's good to see you know that. Different drugs have different half lives. If you don't know what a half life is, you really have a lot to learn. So, it all depends on what your cycle is composed of.


read the steroid newbie thread


That question could have 1000 different answers... hit the newbie thread and then you'll see why.


Difficult question to answer. I generally continue to inject even when I am sick, for I find it help me better deal with the sickness. If you stop it, because you're sick you+ leave your body in a very vunerable position - your body will have a difficult time overcoming it. Planning a cycle also involves trying to predict future events in your life. Sometimes shit happpens and we have to improvise...if that happens it is really a personal call.