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Hypothetical question...

…let’s say a friend has raw materials…perhaps one kg of clomiphene citrate and Methandrostenolone and he wanted to make a pill that contained 50mgs of d-bol and 50mgs of clomid, how would he know by mixing both materials that what he was putting in capsules had 50mgs of each and not 150 or 200mgs of one compound and 30mgs of another? Thanks in advance for your help in this hypothetical question.

Is this a trick question?

Use an analytical balance…

You know you would not fit 150 mgs of anything into a 100 mg capsule. :slight_smile:

I would dump it all into a bucket of water and stir really good that way it will dissolve completely and mix evenly.

Just kidding. I have no idea on how to ensure equal quantities of each using a bulk mixture. I wondered similar things, but not with gear.

Perhaps you should hire illegal immigrants to individually prepare each pill.

Sorry for the waste of a post.

Well I would imagine you would need some sort of mixer to achieve a homogenous blend. Like a concrete mixer on a smaller scale. It would need to be fairly slow speed and more of a tumbling action as opposed to blending or milling. I guess the problem you would have would be caking. So you’d probably need some pharmaceutical grade anti-caking agent.

You have to find a chemical that is a good solvent for the methandrosenolone and the comiphen. You might have to test several differed things. But when you figure one out, you dissolve it all to gether and allow the solvent to evaporate. Then you have a perfect, evenly disperesed suspension. The problem is that comiphen is water soluble and dbol is more fat soluble ( i think) hope this helps

It would be easier and cheaper to make two pills, then just take them together. Why go trough all the trouble.

a kilogram??? you have a fuckin KILOGRAM of powder??? what you need to do is find someone who owns a pill press.

This is the general way that it is done:

You need a filler like powdered sugar to mix with your powders. You calculate the amount of powder filler you need to mix with both your dbol and clomid powders to ensure that each mix contains the exact amount of volume per their half of the capsule (for example if you have 20 mg of clomid you need to put enough powdered mix in with the clomid so that when mixed evenly together, the dose occupies the same amount of space in the capsual as the mix of the dbol does. Then what you would do is take the two powdered mixes, and mix them together - shake them up real good until it is all evenly mixed. Then you fill your capsuales. -The hard part is calculating the amounts of filler to add. P-22

Holy Shitt P-22…Sounds like you have done this before!
I know someone…yeah…someone who used to inject there liquid d’bol into primrose oil caps…which was kinda cool cuz the primrose kept the liver functioning at normal levels…
But thats as far as my …I mean his pill making experience goes…

Sorry to contradict, but primrose oil does nothing for the liver to protect it from 17AAs.

“Sorry to contradict, but primrose oil does nothing for the liver to protect it from 17AAs.”

Linoleic Acid (Primrose Oil) aids in the production of several chemicals which aid and regulate the functions of the organs. Reports show using evening primrose oil in conjuction with steroids helps the liver from being over-stressed. Cholesterol levels have also been lowered while using primrose oil. HDL levels and blood pressure have been lowered while using also.

In one capsule??? How much do you think <1gm of oil is going to do???

Most of us here already take 2-4 tablespoons flax oil per day (28-56 grams!), and fish oil caps. And anyways, transaminase levels will rise while on 17-AAs even if you take your fish oils/flax oils.

Less than one gram of Evening primrose will do shit for your liver. Protection from the 17AAs my AAS!

dude freakin relax…homeboy…Im just quoting damn research doc’s…Like I give a fuck…I don’t do orals anymore too much trouble when you have kidney problems…
You act like Im tellin somebody to go do the shitt…I was talking way , way past tense
when my info came from the A Ref Guide 6th issue…as far as doing that shitt now …I don’t think so…

I think Milk Thistle would be a better choice to aid in liver function rather than Primrose Oil. I’ve always taken milk thistle whenever doing A-50s or D-bol.