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Hypothetical Question

Let’s say I hypothetically have 25 1 ml amps of 250 mg Test-E, and I hypothetically needed to bring it somewhere. How safe is it to find a sterile 20 ml or 30 ml vial with stopper and then transfer the contents of each amp to that large vial? Am I hypothetically risking any contamination?

Each 1 ml amp comes with a disposable syringe that is vacuum packed. This is all pharma grade product too, but this is a hypothetical situation. What do you think? Should I hypothetically wipe the top of the sterile large vial with an alcohol wipe too and wait for it to dry?

Another hypothetical question. What if the transfer vial wasn’t sterile but was a vial of allergy or painkiller liquid? This way it comes complete with label and box. Naturally I would try and dispose of the contents inside, but how can I ensure that the Test-E won’t be tainted by the former product residue? Would it help if I boiled the vial first? Or put it in a microwave?

Let’s say I do this, once I am at my destination, how would I then ensure my product is free of toxins, contamination? Would I need to filter it properly?

All hypothetical, but I wouldn’t risk 24 small vials in my luggage even if I put them inside a case marked allergy meds? Would some type of cap over the rubber vial also be good for xray machines? Yes I know this seems desperate, but it’s only hypothetical.

you can buy sterile vials and syringe filters easy enough man.

if you’re really paranoid you can bake the vial after you’ve got the gear in.

The place I’m at, finding sterile vials will be a difficult task is why I ask. The gear is easy enough to obtain, but then traveling with it is the problem. I’m willing to risk a large 25-30 ml vial in luggage, as opposed to 24 invidiual amps. They do have BA with them, so my concern isn’t so much on contamination during transfer. If a sterile vial is not possible, would a vial or painkiller or allergy medicine suffice? Properly rinsed and then what would be the best procedure to sterilize it? This is all hypothetical of course. I just joined so it’s going to take me to bit to get the hang of this forum.

But my cycle, hypothetically will be:

Test E twelve weeks worth. 500 mgs a week split dosage. Dbol 40 mgs everyday for 5 weeks. AI-Arimidex at .25 mgs every 3 days for 14 weeks. Run HCG at 500 iu every 4 days for weeks 1-12 and then 500 iu every other day weeks 13-14. Week 15 start Clomid at 100/50/50/25. Also have nolvadex on hand if gyno starts or for post cycle therapy. I have ample pct, if I wanted to run nolva as well, what would a good dosage be? 40/20/20/10?

Why dont you just mail them to the place you need them?