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Hypothetical Question...

I don’t know anything about doping laws etc… so this may be an easy question to answer.

BUT, my friend had testicular cancer quite late in life, which is unusual. He was prescribed androgel right after it was cleared up. He only lost one nut. Anyway, there are guys like Matt Kroc (whatever not trying to spell that last name) who are also testicular cancer survivors and should they not be allowed to compete in an anti-doping league or fed. just because of their illness?

See what I’m playing at here? It’s practically discrimination.

Probably not the answer you are looking for but Kroc competes in the WPO and APF mostly I believe and he is on more androgens than androgel. Not to blindly accuse but he is likely one of the imfamous 200mg ED Tren Ace boyz.

As for your friend I think it depends how much androgel he is on and how that effects his blood levels. They usually are looking for that ratio equation whether its 4-1 or 6-1 or whatever it is.