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Hypothetical Prohormone Question

The closest thing I have come to steroids was MAG-10 when it was around. It worked great for me, but I ran into some post-cycle downgrade issues even with that stuff. While I am wary of using the crazy prohormones that are out there today, could you tell me if there are any supps. that would reset my system post-use so that I could protect as much size gains as possible? I don’t know if REZ-V is strong enough to make a difference i.e. estrogen.

Tamoxifen has been mentioned to me before, but I know nothing about where to obtain it, how to use it, it’s legality or if it’s too much for simple prohormone PCT. Thanks for any input.

Jesus or Goku once said, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” You need a serm period. Don’t mess around with the idea of simply using 60xo or some other over the counter saw dust laden “Anti-estrogen”

You could keep cycles [whether real gear or prohormones] extremely short and avoid PCT. Look into the 2 weeks on 2 weeks off protocols and rationales.

think out of the box