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Hypothetical: HGH-Only Cycle Before Test E Cycle

Hello newbie here,
OK so hypothetical,we got a set of clones identical IN EVERY WAY.One does two cycles of just test e,the other does one cycle of HGH then a cycle of test e but the one with the HGH works out his weak body parts on hgh cycle then regular workout on test e.the one with both test e cycles does the same,what’s the outcome?
Clone a-hgh cycle weak body parts,test cycle regular workout
Clone b-test cycle weak body parts,test cycle regular workout

hey man I can’t really speak from experience but i have been researching a lot of the differences between the two before running some stuff myself. A hgh cycle is really not like a cycle of test man you are suppose to run hgh for at least 6 months to see results. If you are just going for gainz then just do the test, way cheaper and you put on more muscle. To get the most out of it you should have some sort of foundation before running anything. (I am assuming you dont since you are mentioning imbalances.) IMO it would be dumb and a complete waste to go from couch potato to running test, and when you were on it you would want to work your entire body, you wont ever have gains like your first few cycles again so you want to get the most out of it.

Maybe,I came off the wrong way and misunderstood. My reasoning is this,HGH causes hyperplasmia so the first clone would have bigger weak muscles than his counterpart taking test only,so the foundation like you mentioned would be better.Thanx for the reply.

You really shouldn’t even bother running HGH without test. And hyperplasia (I assume that’s what you meant) doesn’t always occur in skeletal muscle just by taking HGH, it helps for a lot of other factors to be present, one of the most important of which is an anabolic.