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Hypothetical First Cycle....

If one had $800-$1000 dollars to spend on their first cycle [pct included] what would ya’ll reccommend? I’m not looking for “do your homework before starting…” I have read and asked questions and would just like to know what the more experienced here feel would be the way to go as far as seeing and keeping gains. Thanks.

depending on your sources, you could easily do 2-4 cycles for 800-1000.

bro, at least post a few options you have been considering. no one is going to do it all for you. although, i’d suggest 10 weeks of test only, or a test/d-bol stack as your first. cheap, effective, simple…everything you need for a first.

I was thinking of aero{sp}test and eq with maybe a d-bol kickstart for 3weeks at 30mg a day. I’ve read that that test gets in your system faster, which is why I’m looking at aero as opposed to test cyp.

Can a brother get a lil help?

just test E and a dbol jumpstart, possibly some anavar last few weeks. good luck


Ok, I was thinking I’d do an 8 week cycle of test cyp and eq at 500mg a week of each, with a dbol kickstart at 30mg a day for the first 3 weeks. I’d follow it with hcg. Would that be goin’ overboard?