Hypothesis: Not Letting Test-Prod Shutdown

Hey everyone,

I’m a novice when it comes to AAS and its use, but I was wondering something, and I was hoping if someone with more experience could give me an answer.

Since the “normal” values of testosterone can vary from around 350ng/dl to 1200ng/dl, and since its’ production will shut down after the use of an exogenous source, my question is:

  • Let’s consider I get my hormone levels checked, and I’m in the middle of the range, let’s say at about 500ng of testosterone per dl of blood, and I want it to rise to the maximum limit (1200ng/dl). Is there way of injecting, giving your natural hormone production a bump, without completely shutting it down? Or does it simply shut down, independently of the level it’s at?

In other words, does your test production shut down EVERYTIME, when you start injecting, or is there a way of injecting with lower dosages (I dunno, just throwing a wild guess) in a way that it doesn’t shut down and uses it as a helping hand?

I hope this is not a stupid question, I couldn’t find the answer anywhere, so I came here.


Most people on 100mg/wk shut down the HPTA. Myself, I was on 25mg E3D and I think I retained a portion of my own T production for a few months but eventually LH/FSH at zero and testicular shrinkage. Theoretically speaking a low enough dose that doesn’t spike could keep your own axis functioning. However the function would be reduced because of exogenous sources. Your own ‘thermostat’ in the hypothalamus should be functioning to keep the levels at or lower than your natural set point.

The question is: how long can you take a small amount before it shuts down, and how small of a dose and by what route facilitates this? Try it out and do semen and male panel tests at 3, 6 and 12 months to see if it works for you.

You could use a SERM or HCG to bump natural production, or keep natural production functioning if you’re taking something suppressive.

I don’t think you could take a low enough dose of T, that would still be effective, and keep natural production. Unless your LH is naturally very high, you body is self regulating to the level it’s all.