Hypothesis: Hormone Fluctuations = Libido

I have a theory and I am probably going to post this on numerous sites, just to get some input. But I’d like your critical analysis. A lot of guys (large majority?) embark on TRT or HRT and find that despite their numbers being in range, they still have almost no libido. Or a lackluster, “blah” one at best.

I am convinced that our body naturally has an ebb and flow of hormone levels. Throughout the day, and throughout the month, our hormone levels are NOT at this constant, steady-state. We inject and we take exact doses of Testosterone gel, and we create an artificial environment that does NOT mimic our natural hormone cycles at all. We don’t have an increase, then a decrease, followed by another increase. In a natural form, we already know there are daily highs and lows, and there is data supporting monthly highs and lows even for men.

There is something I have noticed in all my experimenting that I can repeat literally every time, and its this: That its always the first four-five days where libido is highest. Anytime I change my protocol. Starting Androgel? Expect 1 week of incredible libido. Switching from 1% to 1.62%? Another week of great sex drive. Switching to HCG? Same thing. Adding Clomid? Yep. But it AWAYS goes away. Everyone here can attest to that. Its short lived, then gone.

This theory could be backed up by the simple fact that changing levels of hormones means changing receptor site stimulation. Either increasing, or decreasing. And maybe increasing, followed by decreasing, is actually healthier for us?

Typically, the lower the source chemical goes, the more abundant and sensitive the receptors for it become. So if you then increase the source chemical, you get to enjoy a period of increased receptor site stimulation. This is something I’ve found true in my experiences with serotonin, dopamine, and libido/hormones. Taking time off? This could be a good thing. Allows levels to drop for a bit, and receptors to become more sensitive again. Rinse, repeat.

I have gotten to the point that I am convinced of this. Aside from those guys who are dealing with improper levels of Estrogen or DHT or Testosterone, I honestly think its the “ebb and flow” of the hormone levels which causes the stimulation.

The question is: Can HRT/TRT be done this way safely?

Is there a TRT/HRT protocol that would be safe to partake in, which doesnt follow a consistent, unchanging dosing schedule, but allows for an ebb and flow? A decrease in dose, followed by an increase in dose. This method is used for countless other treatments as a way to keep things dynamic and sensitive, but I have heard that its dangerous with hormones because it “messes” with your Pituitary.


Interesting subject. I’m a relative noob, but here are my comments. Even if a person is injecting T twice weekly, they are going to experience ebbs and flows. Wouldn’t their be a spike right after injection that falls with each passing hour until the next injection causing another spike? Folks with normal T values may very well go through highs and lows, but the lows most likely don’t reach symptomaticly low levels. I will give you the point, that the normal person’s variation in T levels probably doesn’t follow the same weekly ups and downs as a person on TRT.

As far as libido goes, I don’t think most guys that are 40+ are looking to restore their libido to the point it was when they were 18! Good grief, I know I’m not. I just want an overall increase in libido, energy, motivation, muscle mass, fat control, memory/brain fog improvement.

True. Its just such a mystery why libido can’t be reproduced. People tend to assume its some complex algorhythm of multiple hormones. And maybe it is.

But why do I always get a significant spike in libido anytime I make a significant change to my regimen?

Maybe the ebb and flow of the time between injections isn’t long enough. Or drastic enough. I don’t know. Do injectors get a libido boost when they inject after the decline?

I’ve never injected T. Only Androgel.

But i can absolutely confirm that I tried doing androgel for a week, then off for a week, and back on again - and it worked like a charm libido-wise. But people warned me i would be doing damage to my pituitary so i stopped.

Again, this is just a fun issue to discuss. I’m not an expert. I will say, that I think libido is a complex issue that probably is controlled by many factors. Some hormonal and some mental and some physical. I think guys expect their libido to be like a frat boy’s, yet they accept that they can’t run as fast or jump as high as they did in college. I bet that even guys with normal T have decreasing libido with age.