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Hypothalamus/Pituitary Concentrate: ?

Ok, anyone remember that “I got a job at a nutritional laboratory” post a while back? Well, let me just say that due to some bitch comany called “Nutritox”'s offices located right in the middle of my night-shift lunch break pacing about, and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, I am no longer at the job I hate…

But while there, I did score some supplements of theirs at pretty low prices. Here’s what I bought:

2 buckets of protein mix,
1 CLA,
1 Creatine Monohydrate,
2 Melatotin 3mg 60caps
2 Ginkgo Bilobas (One of the most useful)
1 nasty tasting total body cleansing formula in a tub,
and last but not least, the all-baffling Hypothalamus and Pituitary Concentrate.

Total cost of all that junk was like 50 bucks. Cosidering that one item in that list IS 50 bucks, I’d say I made a killin’!

Well, I was just a little silly when considering my purchases. First thing, I read up on Melatonin, and found that it is hardly recomended by anyone for sleep enhancement, and it can have drowzy side-effects. I could have bought more Gingko or another CLA for that. But hey, they were like 80 cents… Then, I couldn’t find anything on the Hypothalamus and Pituitary formula, except that on the label of it it says something like “Hypothalamus Concentrate: 30mg and Pituitary Concentrate 60mg.”

When I questioned the one scientist who works there, he just said that it is something I would have no use for as it is only for old people. I felt stupid for buying it. Poo.

Well, that is my story, and if anyone has anything to say about this weird brain formula and what it does, feel free!

What is a “2 Ginkgo Bilobas” the name alone makes me incredibly curious.

I bought 2 60-capsule bottles of Ginkgo Biloba, a plant which is also included in Biotest’s PowerDrive, and is supposed to stimulate mental processes by doing all kinds of wonderful things to enhance the flow of chemicals in the brain. Of all the capsule products I bought, this one I get the most benefit from. I was sick one day, very tired, yet was able to write a homework paper while talking to 5 people on AIM at the same time and not making a single gramatic mistake unintentionally! Matter of fact, I’ll pop one right now before I study for the government test tomorrow.

Take LOTS of your “brain concentrate” at once and let us know what happens. :wink:

Which isomer of CLA did you get?

BTW-Melatonin is not great for test production either…