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Hypotension After Exercise?


Anyone else occassionally suffer from Hypotension after exercise?
And what can be done to prevent it?

I occassionally (rarely, thankfully) suffer from hypotension after a workout (blood pressure drop leading to tiredness, blurred vision, headache).

When I did my heavy workouts on weekends it was not much of an issue as I could go back to bed and sleep it off.

Now though, I’m a dad and my workouts have been relegated to lunch-time midweek.

Which has its benefits for sure, but I cannot afford the hypotension risk and have to sit in the office feeling dire for 3 hours.

Had my first post-lunchtime workout bout of hypotension yesterday. Not pleasant.

I’m putting it down to a challenging session, combined with tiredness (Baby waking at 5a.m), and possibly not having anything to eat pre-workout (except actual pre-workout and creatine).

Anyone have any suggestion how I can minimize the risk?
I understand that having a pre-workout banana migh negate most of the hypotension threat?



Get your blood pressure checked out.

Plazma comes to mind. Heck, food comes to mind.