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Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism. Once/Wk Injection Plan, Not Perfect at All

So due to clinical condition related to gonads in puberty, later at age 12 I’ve been prescribed lifetime TRT. Started at omnadren - central Europe- (sustanon) from low doses to high but at highest frequency of injection once every 2 weeks.
Of course when I was around 20 y/o I changed to gel (not working at all) and straight after to enanthate 100 mg 1 injection/every week.
Way too high hematocrit and scalp acne. Than it was lowered to 80 mg once a week.
HCT back to normal, T levels ~5 ng/dl after 6 days, FSH ~0,27.
However I experienced bad effects, so I tried on my own to lower the dose to ~65 mg of enanthate once a week.
What happened? 2 sleepless nights and sweating and I must say it become better - libido, friendliness, sort of warmth towards people, women especially. And scalp acne gone. T levels after 6 days around 3,5 - 4,1 ng/dl. FSH growed to 1.
But now after 1,5 year I experience (usually 5-6 days after injection) some energy decrease, bad mood. I do shots on Tuesday afternoons, so it happens that it’s a very bad day at work, I tend to come back with a headache (it seems like just a touch of stress cause it) and I do my shot followed by a painkiller like I was some drug addict.
I would have to check T level again at the injection day but I imagine it’s most certainly below 4 ng/dl, where it should never be at my age of 25.

Endocronologists I have visited so far wouldn’t support idea of more frequent injections (frankly me neither as I travel a lot) and subcutaneous injections.

Really - the only problem are those 2 last days of weekly cycle. Doeas for example cypionate last significantly longer than enanthate? Worth persuing?

Why are you on such a low dose?

If you mean that your T level is 350 ng/dl than that is shit for being TRT.

That’s unfortunate because that means treatment will never be optimised. Your weekly dosage is laughably low and I expect your levels to be low by injection day making your symptomatic.

If your docs allowed more frequent injections you might actually be able to get away with less testosterone while getting lower HCT and keep levels more steady and you might feel better as a result.

There is a few days difference between cypionate and enanthate. It sounds like your dosage needs adjustment which happens from time to time.

I guess it’s about time to try it.
So what dose would you suggest for E3.5D while switching?
When I’m doing great for 4-5 days at 65 mg, than perhaps 30-40mg/E3.5D is fine or am I missing something?
I’m about to purchase some 1ml syringes with luer tip to experiment with smaller needles (for now I’m using 23G 1" and 2 ml syringe - tigh) not sure if 25G will be great with 2 ml syringe and my arachis oil based compund.

Injection once a week - ~65 mg Test E
Labs one day before injection T~ 3,5ng/dl usually. HCT~47%.

Obviously 5 days after injection it used to be unacceptable in terms of well-being and libido, so I changed to Tuesday evening and Sat morning, insulin needles, 27g 3/4" in thigh - IM 30 mg E3.5D.

Here are the tests from Friday morning which is 2,5 days after injection (5-6 weeks after protocol switch):
T=299,6 ng/dl
HCT - 49,6%

Good well-being, motivation and libido, so WTF? Could it be just unlucky last injection?
You know raising the dosage is not that obvious since hematocrit is raising.

I’d be happy to read some suggestions.