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Reposting this from the Looking Good Naked Forum since you guys are pretty in tune with the hormones.

Seven or 8 months ago I was diagnosed with Hypogonadism. My GP is admittedly not well versed in the area. I think he?s treating it as primary since my LH is in the normal range. Started off w/100mg of test per month and I was still low in 4 weeks. Bumped up to 200mg and I?m even lower after about 3 weeks. It?s a nice ride though (I think my wife is going to start making out of town plans for each week after I receive the treatments). I?ve been sneaking in Tribex/M on the last 2 weeks of each month hoping to boost my own numbers. Since the boys don?t seem to be doing much of anything, this seems to be fruitless. I really have 2 questions.

  1. Does anyone have an opinion on whether there is any hope the Tribex/M can jumpstart things. I was thinking of doing a couple of Mag-10 cycles and thought I would take advantage of the current sale and buy the stacks. If not, I can save my money and buy even more Mag-10.
  2. Anybody have any experience or websites they can point me to that I can pass on to the doc so I can smooth out this roller coaster?

A.) What kind of test? 100mg a month is waaaaaaaaaaaay low, so it 200mg. 200mg/week of test cyp is common among HRT people that I know. There is that transdermal stuff too, but I don’t know anyone that uses it cuz it sounds like a bunch of crap. IMO.

B.) If you have hypogonadism then Tribex prolly won’t help. You have a physical problem with the testicles (in theory). It could be any number of things, but this could be it. You might just want to go see an endocrinologist to get it all figured out.

C.) Mag-10 will shut you down too. I wouldn’t screw with it until you have seen the endo and see what they say.

I have been on TRT for about 10 weeks now and take 150mg per week. My doc has a website called allthingsmale.com. Check it out and I recommend it.

Bro I feel your pain. I too suffer from very low test levels, and am not sure if it is from prior years of juicing or just plain old genetics. In the years that I juiced Bill Phillips was the man at the time. Now I know guys he sucks and went mainstream yada yada yada, but at the begining he was what he was. My point to all of that is that I tappered off my cycles at the end to allow my supressed T levels start to come back (at least that was the theroy then as well as antiestrogens and HCG) however upon reading recently that seems to be passe’. None the less in my middle to late twentys I noticed the effects of the ole test levels being that of my grandpa. There is hope. Find you an endcronologist, spelled that wrong, and get them to put you on Androgel. This stuff is great. I prefer shots but with this you get the same levels of test everyday. You can also get your doc to prescibe you an antiestrogen so that you dont have any nasty side effects.
I have been reading what these fellow meat heads have been writing and they seem to know what they are talking about. Like I said I love the shots and love love love love juice BUT if u are looking to get back to normal and just stay that way then this is probably a good alternative to shots and remember the levels remain constant as long as you apply the gel daily. However if you are trying to recover from cycle upon cycles you may wish to try some clomid, there is research supporting it to resestablish test levels after being supressed. Whatever you decide is fine with me I just enjoy helpn out on occasion if I can since I have had the same problem for years and the old Doctor telling me I was fine. Jackass. Its hard to find a doc who knows whats up but when you do you should be able to take care of yourself. Plus dont be afraid to ask for what you want. I had to tell my doc to put me on an antiestrogen and he was cool with that. Always be mentally prepared when dealing with a doc and whatever you do dont make them feel stupid

what about clomid?

What what about clomid? If you are asking me Cy Wilson sent me a reply to an email when I was trying to get some help with my test levels and he attached a copy of some research showing how clomid helped restore hyhpogondal men who had been supressed. Ive got it if you want to see it for yourself. However if his problem is genetic then I would say clomid would only work while administerd, maybe if a doc would give it to ya all the time it would work out fine, but I would recommend either injections of test.or the Androgel. It is a slight pain in the ass (androgel) as far as having to rub it on everyday and wait at least 1 hour b4 u can apply lotion or anything to that skin. Of course that may only apply to me but I like to keep my ssin hydrated as well as my body. I keep a tan year round and dont want leather skin. I hope I answerd your q there Pdogg,and thanks for the reply to my frontloading question.

pumpdogg, to bad I didn?t see your reply this morning. The GP gave up and sent me to an Urologist today. He?s not too impressed with the local Endos. Anyway, I start the gel tomorrow. I didn?t have the insight to ask about the anti-estrogen. I was playing around with the idea of using M.
Pretty sure the situation is genetic. He?s going to do a CT of the pituitary to make sure I don?t have a tumor. If that goes well, then I may be on this stuff for a long time.
I liked the injections, but couldn?t talk the Doc into giving them every couple of weeks. Thanks for the insight. daw

Bro check it out, I tried my best to get my endcronologist to give me Nolvadex to no avail, but he did give me Evista. It’s like a newer generation antiestrogen that competes at the receptor site instead of blocking as others do. Now I know thats not new technology b4 someones goes on about how long a certain antiestrogen has been around and that it competes instead of blocking, I am referring to the drug being fairly new. nolvadex has been around forever it seems however this is new. It has a few cool properties, Evista memics the actions of good estrogen and fights the bad in laymen terms. It works well believe it or not. I was very skeptical and mad that my doc would not give me exactly what I demanded, but there again they have the power. I can say though I am impressed. I began having a little revisit from MR NIPPLE PAIN, a byproduct of my many years of juice and being an overweight fat ass kid and young adult. Thank God for T-Mag and Steriods they changed me forever for the better.Anywho the Evista stopped the pain and I have noticed a thickening of my hair and I am not losing any to begin with blah blah blah. It works and helps strenthen bones too.60 mgs a day and by the way I put on 2 packets of androgel a day at 50 milligram a packet. YOU WILL ONLY ABSORB 10 PERCENT OF THIS b4 u go and get all excited. For me thats 10 milligrams a day 70 a week I feel like I’m 18 as far as sex drive energy etc is concerned and yeah I put on allot of muscle since starting 6 months ago. I never realized what I could obtain with normal test levels. Its been a fun adventure thus far.

I have been on HRT for a little over 2 years, my problem came from insecticide exposure. I have found I am not comfortable with anything less than 200mg per week and the androgel is about worthless, if you can convince the doctor, injectables are still the only way to go at this time. Arimedix was a little more difficult to get prescribed but got that done.

Hey Garm you gotta take a bath and have clean skin for the gel to work, and u can only rub it on certain areas. Did you read the label?