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Seven or 8 months ago I was diagnosed with Hypogonadism. My GP is admittedly not well versed in the area. I think he?s treating it as primary since my LH is in the normal range. Started off w/100mg of test per month and I was still low in 4 weeks. Bumped up to 200mg and I?m even lower after about 3 weeks. It?s a nice ride though (I think my wife is going to start making out of town plans for each week after I receive the treatments). I?ve been sneaking in Tribex/M on the last 2 weeks of each month hoping to boost my own numbers. Since the boys don?t seem to be doing much of anything, this seems to be fruitless. I really have 2 questions.

  1. Does anyone have an opinion on whether there is any hope the Tribex/M can jumpstart things. I was thinking of doing a couple of Mag-10 cycles and thought I would take advantage of the current sale and buy the stacks. If not, I can save my money and buy even more Mag-10.
  2. Anybody have any experience or websites they can point me to that I can pass on to the doc so I can smooth out this roller coaster?

I’m surprised that no one here is on HRT or has any thoughts about Tribex and M affects on someone with little to no Test production. Guys?

You might want to try this question on the steroid forum. The guys there are a lot more knowledgeable in terms of hormone issues. My thought is that 100-200mg/MONTH is on the low side for HRT. I don’t think Tribex and M is what you’re looking for, though it could be worth a shot. Ask the steroid forumers about Clomid - possibly even HCG. Then again, I could be way off.