Hello everyone,

So in June of 2012 I finished a PCT for a cycle… After such I retained some size and due to some unforeseen circumstances wasn’t able to go to the gym. Here’s what’s interesting. Since approx 2007 I’ve been having serious cold sweats. I’m talking drenched… My wife always said hormones but I never really paid much attention to them as it comes and goes.

Just yesterday I got some blood results and my T levels show 5.1nmol/l and it should be in the uppers 20’s with my age group (29). I’ve never had a problem with my sex drive or any other signs just being lethargic at times. Does anyone thing this might of been self-induced from the last cycle or from my cycle in 2007(no PCT)<~ didn’t know anything about steroids.

Do you think I’m still in the time frame for my natural T to come up or am I stuck on HRT for the rest of my life. Thanks all for your responses.

What compounds did you use on the last cycle?
Deca can remain in the blood for a very long time.

Could you rely on the legitimacy of your PCT meds?


I used testosterone enanthate for my last cycle. My post cycle therapy was from a reputable source as far as all the reviews go.

See the stickies in the t-replacement forum.

Thank you.

After reading the stickies, maybe overlooking I couldn’t seem to find information on how long hypogonadism lasts in individuals. I’m googling like crazy and still can’t seem to find much. Although not completely satisfied I’m going to assume steroid induced hypogonadism is a case by case basis. Well a small update… After going to the doctor I was prescribed 100mg test-cyp a week for eternity… Why are symptoms treated but not the problem? Although I am not a MD I would assume this would make things worse. However other questions has come to my head. If I’ve had hypogonadism for approx 5 years what are the odds of my nuts producing natural test again if I were to find hcg? Second question, if at all possible how would I talk a doctor into prescribing this.

I mean I can’t tell a doctor how to do his/her job. And getting it from another source… Well obviously that isn’t 100%. Lastly, what is the rate of increase of testosterone levels per ml of injection. For example I’m 5nmol/l would 100mg raise a typical individual to lets say 15nmol/l. Is there a conversion table etc etc…

No way to convert exactly how much HCG will elicit a set response in testicular output. But a good rule of thumb is that 750 iu/week or so is an approximate replacement dose, so should take you at least to the middle of the range.

Why can’t you tell a doctor how to do his job? You are a paying customer, you have every right to request certain treatment and take your business elsewhere if it is not provided. Best thing you can do is find a young primary care doctor and provide them literature that you are going to diligently research and hope to convince him. If not, take your money elsewhere.

You could also try anti-aging clinics, but they are hella expensive. But it is a sure bet.