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Hypogonadism - Help

Hi Guys,

At the outset, let me get one thing straight, i am from India, so all the endos are straight from the stone ages, completely tarded. (One of them even suggested that TRT could “irritate” my testicles into producing its own testosterone).

Maybe about two years back, i was doing just fine. I used to wake up rock hard morning erections, used to have long lasting erections in general. But then, marijuana happened. And after about an year-and-a-half of sustained use (4 joints a week), i realised one day that my morning erections vanished, and i would go flaccid the very second i stop stimulation with my hands. Well, shit. Kicked the marijuana immediately, been on abstinence for an year, no improvement in my condition.

Got my bloodwork done, most recent results as follows:

Total testosterone: 315 ng/dl
FSH: 2.6 mIU/mL
LH: 3.8 mIU/mL

Semen analysis:

Sperm concentration: 50 million / mL
Sperm motility: 80%

Considering the above, it would seem i have secondary hypogonadism (considering sperm parameters are healthy and LH and FSH are not elevated, and at the lower end of the spectrum)?

So i have been considering giving clomid a shot (25mg ED), any inputs? I am 26 yrs old.

Please read the advice for new guys sticky. There may be other factors that contributed to this problem. Look for other heath issues in the sticky and note paragraph one. There are 7 stickies, one discusses things that damage your hormones.

I don’t think it was the marijuana. I’ve smoked more than that since age 10 and had no trouble until late 30s.