Hypogonadal Guy on TRT

Greetings. I am 34 year old guy with low T. It was only 2.5 years back i discovered that i had hypogonadism. Have been experiencing severe ED and been diagnosed with Venous leakage. On 2nd March 2012 i had my first shot of Testosterone Undecanoate (1000mg). Prior to starting HRT, my T levels were

Free TESTOSTERONE 8.94 pg/mL

Doctor did not bother to check for LH ,FSH. However, two years earlier i had my LH and FSh numbers taken and i faintly remember them to be on lower end of normal range. Also i had my semen analyzed many times before and i was told that i am infertile. Had mostly low motility sperms.

Since starting HRT i had five shots of Testosterone Undecanoate. Have not done any blood tests till now. My next shot is on 8 April 2013. I will have my blood work done just before receiving the injection.

Thinking of Stopping HRT once T levels have gone past 700 ng/ml. Also would use clomid 25mg/day to restart my T production.

My Questions :

1 Do i need to taper off T shots once i have reached the right levels ? If yes, then how.
2 Can i use clomid along with HRT or should i use it after tapering off of T replacement ?
3 What amount of clomid should i use and how do i taper off ?

Since i getting high amount of Testosterone in my shots, my estradiol levels must be going up also, as i am not experiencing much improvement ever after a year. If my lab work show high estradiol, how do i use arimidex to control it ?.

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  1. you will feel like crap stopping, tapering my be better
  2. both, nolvadex avoids the strong estrogenic side effects that some guys get with clomid
  3. too much can cause problems with LH receptor desensitization and high E2 levels that AI cannot control.

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I had blood test done on 8th April 2013, just 3 hours before my 6th shot of testosterone undecanoate. Results came in yesterday :-

Total testosterone 384.28 ng/dl
Free testosterone 8.30 pg/ml
Estradiol 44.83 pg/m

After being on trt for 1 year, results are not satisfactory. Thinking of quitting TRT and going on clomid. Had about 6 shots of Testosterone undecanoate till now. Just how do i get of TU and start clomid ?

How often injecting?

You may be better off injecting T cyp often. Crashing to 385 is not an acceptable treatment.

Have you read what I suggested?

Injecting 4 ml 1000mg of testosterone undecanoate every 90 days. Yes KSman, i did read what u suggested. Also been through other posts on tapering on clomid and Testosterone, but dont seem to understand much. I just dont know what course of action i should take. As usual as is with docs, mine turned out to be an a-hole. He told me 384 is normal and i should stop taking shots. If things have not improved then the problem certainly would be in my mind.

Here is what i have been thinking : -

1 Since i had 6 shots at 90 days interval, i am thinking of reducing the time to 70 days between each shot.
2 My sixth shot was on 8th April. Next shot on 07/07/2013 (90 days interval) or 17/06/2013 ( 70 days between shots )
3.I have four ampoules of 4 ml 1000 mg TU with me. Do i keep reducing the amount by 1 ml during the next shot and thereafter ?
4 I want to switch to clomid with 1 mg anastrazole/week and try it short term. At what dose do i start and exactly how do i get off it ?

  1. Inject once a month and see how that feels.
  2. Inject 4ml * 1/ 3
  3. Not something that you can try short term

KSman, please go through this link and tell me what you think :
No mention of clomid tapering by Jeffery dach where as on T-Nation i read plenty of posts telling to taper off clomid. I am kind of confused as to what should i do.