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before i fixed my eating habits, i had pretty bad (what i believe to be) hypoglycemia throughout the day, especially during the evening. The whole time i was eating right(every 2-3 hours, keeping 80-120 healthy carbs day) and its now started to return (dizzy spells, laziness, nodding off, needing naps, nausea, confusion, some slurring of words or mumlbling & weakness (i am sleeping at least 8 hours night… normally 10 heh)

I havent made any changes in eating(except for cutting out pork), and when this came on again I started checking for hidden carbs but came up empty. I also stayed away from eating out to see if it made any difference.

I believe its hypoglycemia because it comes on after eating, and i feel incredibly better after my next meal. symptoms come on about halfway between evening meals.
This has grealty messed up my last week & half, i’ve also felt worse during the day, and feel unable to workout.

Any ideas, suggestions, help, questions?
I’m just hoping this isnt the ‘possible’ lupus starting up again c.c


My mom has hypoglycemia, and Vanadyl sulfate (SP?) and ALA has helped dramitically. She takes either one about 20 minutes before a meal. Vanadyl worked better for her for some reason. On paper ALA would seem to work much better.

have you checked your blood glucose? do you have any diabetic symptoms?

no i havent checked my blood glucose, and was considering asking my doc to do a fasting test, although he will tell me its uneccessary & im thinking it up…

What are the symptoms of diabetes?