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Hypoglycemia Question


Hi guys, just wondering if anyone can help. For the past couple of years I have been feeling as if am going to pass out whilst training. Starts off with the cold sweats, feeling shakey and just the feeling as if I am going to pass out. This only happened in the odd occasion but becoming more frequent now.

I have been to several doctors and my blood work have all came back normal. Even had a 24hr holter monitor attached and a echocardiogram done to rule out anything to do with the heart. So was suggested that it could be a drop in blood sugar. I have tried everything with my diet but still seems to happen. My macros just now are:

Carbs - 450g
Fat - 100g
Protein - 220g

Pre workout meal I have around 80g of carbs with 20g of fat and 25g of protein, this is usually from oats, whey and almond butter. This is usually an hour before training. During I have about 60g of carbs from intra MD and post workout about 50g of carbs and 25g of protein from a recovery shake. But the problem still persists!

Anyone have any advice on what to doand how to prevent a blood sugar crash from happening? FYI getting more tests done in the coming weeks, but from the tests I have had all came back normal apart from a few skipped heart beats (get these regularly) which I was told were bengin. Any help is appreciated, thanks.


sounds more like an severe anxiety attack


You didn't mention taking any workout stimulants.