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Hypoglycemia and Muscle Building?


If this is in the wrong section,let me know, but...
My friend who wants to be a doctor told me I may have hypoglycemia based on some symptoms I experienced and described (weak and shaky). He explained to me what hypoglycemia was but he didn't know what that meant for building muscle. Does anyone know how this effects muscle building or how I should eat to maximize anabolism?


First off, get diagnosed by a real doctor, not by a friend that wants to be a doctor.

Then if you really have a problem you ask for guidance here. Otherwise you’re worrying about something that may not even exist in your case.


True story most people that go through medical school, during those years of schooling become hypochondriacs. He could also be projecting those symptoms on to you kinda of like a projection hypochondria. Where he sees people in a different light now and thinks they are all sick and the more he knows about you the worse off you are. If you’re worried get checked.


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You need a blood test to diagnose hypoglycemia and it’s not fun. Takes a few hours actually as they need to get a baseline, then you drink this sugar drink of juice stuff and then do more test and then more and more.

Or at least that’s what it was for me when I was younger, but things could have changed in the 20 years I had that test done.

I was borderline.

Bodybuilding is a godsend for this kind of thing, as you’re ALWAYS eating. Be “the guy” (or gal) that is always eating and you won’t ever have a problem as you’re eating foods that will help stabilize your blood levels.

Or at least, you should be if you follow a good nutrition program.


[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
If you do have hypoglycemia, it is either coming from too few calories (especially carbs) or from an inability of the liver to maufacture glucose from other substrates. In both cases, the simple answer is… eat more.

Post your nutrition intake please.


I work a lot and early so my nutrition isnt great but I know its not as bad as a lot of peoples. Usually around 4:30 when I wake I have some plain yogurt mixed with blueberries and granola. I get a break around 8 and i have 4 hard boiled eggs because I work in a kitchen and theyre always available. At 10:30 I have whatever meat is available for lunch and whatever the healthiest carb source I can find is. Sometimes this could be a chicken breast and some broccoli but other times it might mean chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes. I dont usually eat a lot because im still not that hungry since my eggs earlier. At noon I usually have some milk because im not hungry but know my next meal is a few hours away and need to get some calories. When I get off at 2 I workout so I have Surge before and after then later I end up eating something random for dinner.

Thanks for your feedback so far guys.


I count only 5 meals which is alright sometimes but they don’t sound too filling.