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I read a few years back that people who talk about their honesty on an UNSOLLICITED basis are Liars and hypocrits.

Also, there was also the 3 types of businessmen theory:
1- Honest. Ill take care of you... litteraly (and not in the good way). Hes going for your cash, you know it, he knows it, and hes not afraid of being himself all the way. 2-The White Hat Man. Everything is fine until you start asking questions about how they get paid. 3-The Ostrictch- Always one step behind the pack, reactive, never in control. They generally dont last for long in the business jungle.

Of course, you dont realize this with these people right off the bat (except type 1), but when tough situations or negotiations arise, you start seeing their true colors. (Hey, maybe thats really why chick test us by setting up drama situations in the initial dating stages?)

Looking back, I`m surprised of the accuracy of this typology. At least in business / work environment settings.

Any other good red flags or similar experiences?