Jackson gets crucified for what he did. Steve however gets mixed reactions, many praising him…

Actually i dont really care if its hypocritical or not i just wanted to post the pic :slight_smile:

Have you seen the videos where he lets his toddler play with poisionous snakes…to me that if far more dangerous than what he is doing there.

they are both fags!!!

not that there is anything wrong with that…

I don’t think he got praised for it. Just from wathcing the guy on TV IMO he would not put his kid in danger. Himself yea, but his kid no.

From CNN website:

The televised incident sparked an investigation by the Queensland state Families Department over whether Irwin had breached workplace safety regulations.

The man known internationally as “The Crocodile Hunter” was branded as reckless and irresponsible by family and children’s groups for the stunt Friday at his Australia Zoo on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Australian Family Association spokesman Bill Muehlenberg said Irwin had no right to put his baby in peril, according to the Courier-Mail newspaper.

Parliamentarian Wayne Swan, the families spokesman for the Federal Opposition, called it a “very irresponsible action”

Another critic was more blunt.

“I think he’s a bloody idiot,” the owner of the rival Cairns Crocodile Farm, Keith Cook, told the Courier-Mail.

Irwin held his baby son Bob under one arm while he fed a 13-foot (4-meter) crocodile named Murray with a dead chicken. Irwin later walked the baby inside the crocodile’s enclosure as crowds looked on.

The acting premier of Queensland state, Terry Mackenroth, said Saturday Irwin would not face charges after the Department of Families contacted Irwin and his wife Terri.

This guy knows what he does.

Jackson not. He didn`t seem in control at all on the balcony episode.

One dumbass gets the appropriate reaction for being what he was - a REAL danger. The other guy`s pro status diminishes by far the scare factor.

No hypocrisy there.

Not all of the world’s idiots in the USA.

No, they are only in the government and everywhere else where someone is appauled by what someone else is doing.

This guy can do whatever he wants with his kids; leave it to a bunch of socialist assholes to attempt to say otherwise. Hey, its time to call child protection services and take his kid away from him, he’s clearly not suited for parenting, but I’m sure some happy-go-lucky social worker can find a suitable foster home.

I’m sick of hearing about bullshit like this. There is going to be a “formal” investigation. Why don’t these investigators do a formal investigation of their own self-righteous stupidity?

This guy’s love is animals, some can be very dangerous. This guy is used to playing around with snakes and crocodiles and whatever else happens to be out there. He’s a nature freak and he is absolutely fascinated by these creatures and wants his kid to be involved in it. Is this somewhat of a circus stunt? Sure, but what I think he’s trying to show is that he can be around these animals and trusts his ability to deal with them. So what?

The price he would pay for being attacked in that rare chance would be he could possibly lose his kid. Do you think he wants this? I find it highly unlikely.

The price for poor judgement that leads to little or no harm in reality is no business for socialists. They would just as well put kids in abusive foster care than allow someone’s parent to bring them up the way they choose.

Oh… and for God’s sake, don’t allow your kids to get a minor sunburn. You’ll spend 8 days in jail and be charged with a felony.

Dan C. I beg to differ. Yes, this guy may be a trained “Crocodile Hunter”. But, still a Crocodile is an animal. You’ll never know what his recation will be when a male or female croc see’s a baby. Look at what happen to the Magician’s. The Tigers were trained. But, yet one Magician got sevearlly hurt by it. Wild Beast are Wild Beast I would never put a kid especially a baby near one!

Sorry Doc, but you’re way off base with this one. I’ve driven dragsters but does that mean I should strap a one month old in the seat with me and go 230 mph? Should I put a one month old kid on a polo pony with me and hit the field? Of course not. What he did was just plain stupid and there is no rationalization for it. As for gov’t intervention, it won’t be needed as public opinion has awakened him. I expect he will issue a statement expressing remorse soon. If not, feed his schlong to the crocs so he can’t breed anymore.

Dr.D-Lo… was there actually a case involving a child with a minor sunburn?

I’m with Dr. D-Lo on this one. Steve would die before he would let somthing happen to any of his family.

I didn’t see what the big deal was about having his baby with him at all. It wasn’t like he was dangling his baby in front of the croc.

Crocs are not in the genius category. They don’t have much creative thought process and reptiles are pretty efficient creatures. That means they aren’t going to work any harder than they have to to get a meal. Dangle a smelly drippy chicken, which they eat every day and know is food, in front of them and hold a baby in the other arm shielded by your torso and every time he’s going for the chicken.

The guy works with crocs just about every day, that makes him more informed and knowledgable than you, I, or some government weenie. How many doctors or “expert trainers” are there that tell us that deadlifting or squatting below 90 degrees is dangerous? We do it anyway because we know better. The croc ate the chicken and made no move to do otherwise so maybe this croc dude knows better. I personally don’t think the kid was at any greater risk than if he’d been in the back of a minivan with a soccer mom on a cell phone at the wheel; and you don’t see people clamoring to CPS about that.

Oh, and how many guys here have tossed a baby into the air? I’ve seen it numerous times. What would happen if you failed to catch the kid? A fall from 7-8 feet (average height guy with arms stretched upward plus minimal flight distance for kid) is definitely a potentially fatal incident for a baby. What do you suppose the odds of dropping the baby are? Why take that risk?

FITONE: You have a point: Risk.

Which brings another question:

If the guy (or any other one) was 100% sure of success:

A) Would this feat be impressive ? No.
B) Would it get media attention ? No.

Let us not forget that this scene is, in the end, just another publicity stunt before anything else.

While our instincts make us think otherwise, like sleight of hand, we cannot deny that this feat was pulled for SHOW business. The guys know very well that this earth WANTS (not to be confounded with NEEDS) show business/entertainment far more than common sense, and that is exactly what he gives to the media.

Any ordinary feat would not get media attention, ratings or go down in history. While Croc-guy maybe dumb, the networks airing him sure know what they do.

Like they say, talk about it badly, talk about it in a good way, but, dammit, talk about it!

And it worked. ;0)

I once threw my son in the air and he got stuck in a tree. No problem. I just knocked him loose by throwing a football at him. The same technique works with Frisbees that get caught in trees, too.

There is no excuse for placing an infant anywhere near a croc.

What purpose does it serve? Is it to get publicity at the expense of your childs life? What if the animal had charged him? What if he tripped as he was feeding the chicken to the creature. What if…?

Sure in life there are risks. if you take your baby out for a stroll in the carriage you might get struck by a car. If you pick it up you may drop it. While feeding your baby he may choke.

The big difference is that these are all necessary risks. Placing a child with in striking distance of a wild animal for no good reason is foolish at best and criminal at worst!

ZEB: That’s great. Mind your own business. If you wish to bring your kids up a particular way, that’s great, do it the way you see fit. This guy’s kid isn’t your business; that is unless you think like a socialist. Then you think its your business when, in fact, it is not.

Statistically speaking, driving your kid to the grocery store is reckless endangerment.

why take your kid outta the house?

they might have something happen to them…

wait better not have stairs, a stove, knives, water they might hurt themselves.

Hey, what he did in that situation was stupid but Steve Irwin is one of the ultimate T-Men. How many people can do what he does everyday and not even flinch? Don’t call him a fag.