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Hypocrisy or Stupidity?


The main purpose of the .xxx top-level-domain was to allow parents and companies to easily filter out sites that would be inappropriate for children, and, possibly, for certain work environments. It would just be a question of blocking all requests for sites that ended in .xxx -- or IPs that reverse-dns-resolved into .xxx.

Apparently, the right-wing Christian groups seem to think that's actually a Bad Idea -- they are the ones who do not want to make it easy for parents to prevent their children from seeing pornographic content.

The hypocrisy is mind-boggling. Then again, as I said before, never try to explain with malice what can be adequately explained with stupidity...

From http://www.dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=2447

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) rejected the .XXX top level domain earlier this month. ICANN, the American-based organization that allocates Internet domain names, voted down the .XXX domain that would be reserved specifically for pornographic web sites. According to The Register:

There is already significant evidence in the 1,600 documents provided under the Act that the United States government lobbied hard against .xxx, having come under significant pressure from domestic right-wing Christian groups, to the extent that it actively solicited other governments to complain against .xxx and even threatened to overrule internet overseeing body ICANN if it did agree to the internet registry.

While .XXX has been shot down, the .TEL domain was recently approved by ICANN. Telnic believes the .TEL domain will "offer the first genuinely different use of domains since .COM was first created."


they don't want to legitimize what they see as illegitimate. That is their rational. Right or wrong, by desginating a "spot" for it...it sends a signal that there is a place for porn

it seems everyone was against the .xxx


Adult companies have joined conservative groups in celebrating an Internet regulator's decision to reject the creation of a domain for adult Web sites.

On Wednesday, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) voted against the proposal, which would have led to the creation of an .xxx domain suffix for pornography sites. Conservative groups in the U.S., such as the Family Research Council, have welcomed the decision.

"This would have been a landgrab for pornographers, and ICANN did absolutely the right thing," Charmaine Yoest, a vice president of the Family Research Council, told Bloomberg.


This surprised me. On the one hand, theyre stopping regulation to rear its head intofree space`. On the other hand, the simplicity of the solution was fascinating.


Since when was hspedr voted the arbitor of the word stupidity?

As was proven by just a small amount of actual looking - it wasn't just the evil christian right.

Elitism must really be a heavy jacket to wear.

You are the political equivilent of Anthony Roberts. And that is not a good thing.


He didn't say it was just the Christian right that opposed it.

How does saying it was the Christian right AND the porn industry that opposed it change his point? It just adds to the hypocrisy.


Show me where Hspder said anything about the porn folks being stupid. I agree it was a stupid move to block the .xxx designation for porn sites.

He made it sound like it was all the fault of the religous right. It wasn't.

He's a glass housed limo lib that hates the religous to the point that he is willing to tell half truths - or at the very least believe a half truth and post it here.


Yeah. Besides, everyone should already know that "stupidity" is entirely under Rainman's perview. On this site anyway.


That is the worst rationale I've heard in a long time, and I hope you don't believe it's in any way logical.

How does creating a .xxx suffix legitamize porn? That rationale seems to say that creating a niche for something legitamizes it, and that in turn sends a signal that there is a place for it, whatever "there's a place for it" means.

It's the same as saying that sanitariums sends the signal that being crazy is OK (I assume that's what you mean by 'there's a place for it') because it's a designated spot for insane people.


It WASN'T stupid for the porn folks to block it. Creating the .xxx designation would make it easier to filter their cashcow out.

It WAS stupid for the Christian right to side with them, thereby ultimately exposing more kids to porn and putting more cash in the porn industry's pocket.


Allowing the .xxx domain would have nullified their efforts to eliminate internet porn entirely. They have the Bush administration and a good chunk of Congress in their pocket, this would have been a major setback for their cause.


There are legitimate arguments for and against.

Creating new TLDs is not trivial for a variety of economic, technical, and political issues.

There are good free-speech reasons to not have a .xxx TLD.

I don't want to see .xxx, and I love porn.


Even if eliminating Internet Porn was a realistic goal (it is not, much like eliminating drug use), it would require major changes in the Constitution.

Not gonna happen.


Absolutely. But somehow I don't think that any of those reasons were the ones behind the Christian Right's objection.

Hey, apparently so does the Christian Right...




If you think for a second that the porn industry would lose a single dime of revenue because of going to .xxx, you are delusional.

I've already said it is a stupid move all the way around, but singling out the christian right - is a typical lefty move.


For what other reason would they possibly oppose it?

Why was it a stupid move all the way around? Why shouldn't the porn industry have opposed it?


I just personally think it was a good idea. I don't think there is a defendable reason to not go with the .xxx - therefore all protestations to it are stupid IMO.

Look - for about the 4th time - my gripe isn't with the issue at hand, or who is in favor, and who isn't. My issue is with the way a limo-lib has decided to spin this. That is all. If you want to get into a lengthy debate over whether or not the .xxx is an infringement of privacy, or free speech - find someone else to debate.

My problem is with hspder's dripping elitism - just like I said in my first post.


I would have supported the .xxx thing, too.

I absolutely agree that hspder is a quiche-eating, elitist, liberal weenie.

I just don't see what about his original post you could disagree with.

It is hypocritical and/or stupid for the Christian right to oppose this. Is there some other group whose stance on the issue could be labeled the same way, or is this just a "if you can't say anything nice..." thing?



I know what you're talking about and the comparison is apt.



This last statement is ignorant and beneath contempt.

But, hey, if we can all make stupid statements then this is more to the libs liking: