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Hypoallergenic Dogs

I have two little girls. My youngest (2 years) is allergic to dogs. Not horribly allergic, but enough that the doc told us it was time to get rid of our Golden. She was confirmed with a skin test.

Does anyone here have experience with hypoallergenic dogs? I have read some stuff about dogs like Border Terriers and Bouvier des Flandres that suggest they are hypoallergenic enough to have even if you have allergies.

Is this bullshit? I can’t easily test the hypothesis, so I’d like to know if anyone has any experience.

Thanks in advance.

Never Heard that about Border Terriers Or Bouviers, Hypoallergenic breeds that I know of are Poodles (all sizes), Portuguese Water Dogs, Kerry Blue Terriers, & American Hairless Terriers.

I can Personally vouch for both Poodles & Portugues Water Dogs, Have familly members that are very allergic to pet dander that have absolutly no issues with these breeds. Standard Poodles are much more robust than people give them credit for. . .originally breed in the Baltics & northern Germany as retrievers & fishermans dogs (would be trained to swim out in the Baltic Sea & retrieve nets). Until the French got ahold of them, & decided it would be cool to cut their hair all crazy.

You don’t have to cut their hair crazy though, check out “sporting cuts” & “German clips”, good lookin dogs.

Here’s my homie, Otto, When he was not quite a year old.

Schnauzers, another terrier mix.

No such things, but here are some statues of Labs that might work.

The NATIVE American Dog was said to be a hypoallergenic dog but you have to find a special breeder.


^ Best dog’s we’ve ever owned. “King of the Terriers”

Thanks a bunch guys. I’ll look into these.

[quote]Derek542 wrote:
No such things, but here are some statues of Labs that might work. [/quote]

The fact that you took the time to google a picture of dog statues, save it, and upload it, all for a joke that wasn’t even close to funny, concerns me a great deal. If you have that much extra time on your hands, you should be able to come up with better jokes. Try harder next time. . .

Maltese (of which I have seven) are considered good for those with allergies.

They say Maltese don’t really have fur but have hair, which doesn’t fall out…which I can attest to as we don’t have hair all over the apartment even with seven of them.

That there is a pic of one of mine. You don’t necessarily need to add ribbons.

How could I forget this great pic!

there is that hairless breed that looks like a giant rat. forget what it is called.

by ‘hypoalergenic’ are you guys just meaning one that doesn’t lose a lot of hair??

get the doc to allergy test different breeds?

There is no such thing. I’m pretty allergic and poodles set me off as do those mini-dogs.

Haven’t been near a hairless one.

How about bringing your daughter around different breeds and seeing if she has any reaction?

Isn’t Bo, the president’s Portugese water dog supposed to be hypoallergenic? I was supposedly alergic to cats and yet I’ve been around them most of my life, how allergic is the person to dogs? Can you build a tolerence due to exposure?

I’d get rid of the kids before I got rid of the dogs.

I always thought hypoallergenic dogs were a misnomer…

A friend of mine is allergic to dogs but bought a Labradoodle and shows no signs of allergies with that cross breed

[quote]FightinIrish26 wrote:
I’d get rid of the kids before I got rid of the dogs.


It will be cheaper and less stressful, that’s for sure.

oh. it is the skin and saliva, apparently