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Hypnosis for Eating Control?

Has anyone used hypnosis or sleep suggestion with any success regarding eating control? How about with any other psychological things like smoking, stress, etc.?

Some people have their cancers cured after they drank their own urine…

Seriously, increasing dietary control will require will power, better food choices (make you feel full for a long period of time), many small meals and maybe an anorectic agent. W

hen eating healthy foods many times a day, it gets rather pretty easy not to fall for crappy foods when you feel so full you can’t eat another bite.

Hypnosis is still undergoing lots of research. For obesity control it seems to hold some promise but with the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

You might want to look into this short clinical review on Hypnosis and Relaxation Techniques from the British Medical Journal.



Hey bro check out the thread in the Locker Room " DC Test Fest" One of the radffle prizes is a Sports Hypnosis DVD set givien to me by the Hypnosis Network. They have a TON of other such material as well and something im sure will fit your bill.

Also I notice you are in DC you ought to try and make it to the seminar.

Hope that helps,

Phill beat me to it. Can’t vouch for effectiveness on eating, but the Core Sports Performance c.d.s worked wonders on my mindset for lifting.