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Hypetrophic Layers and Nutrition



I know you don't want to get into nutrition...but what basic info do you give to natural trainees that are using the mass layer system on one dose Indigo-3G, full Plazma workout nutrition, a couple pulses of MAG-10, a Finibar and carbs through the morning and evening. Any tips to not gain too much fat...or just monitor and adjust as needed in the carb department?


You’re right, I highly dislike planning diets or talking about nutrition.

I personally keep it very simple:

1 FINIBAR upon waking up (at about 4:30 am)
PLAZMA peri-workout (I train at about 6:30am)
2-3 MAG-10 pulses in the 3 hours post-workout
1 FINIBAR 4 hours post-workout

I then normally have 1 main meal in the evening. I adjust the intake level of that meal depending on my activity level or if I’m gaining fat or under-recovering. If I have a very high activity level I’ll add a second evening meal 2-3 hours later.


@ CT:

Nice, yes thats exactly what I’m currently doing although I train in the evening at 5pm.

So based on fat gain or non-recovery adjust the carbs at the HSM.

What are signs one is not recovering optimally. I’ve always not been set straight on this…things like not increasing strength, no motivation to train, etc?