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Hypertropy Specific Training (HST)

A couple of nights ago when visiting T-Mag forum, I did a search on Hypertrophy Specific Training (HST) and Bryan Haycock. There were some positive comments regarding training results using this method to weight train and the originator, Bryan Haycock, posted as well.

But these comments were all from about two months ago, and there were a few individuals who posted that they did not experience success. One even raised safey concerns with using HST.

As I understand it, part of the theory of HST is that the frequency of working a muscle is more important than volume. My quesiton is this: "Within the training experience of all those who have completed a training cycle of Hypertropy Specific Training (HST) what outcome did you experience?"

I’m trying to determine if HST has proven to be an effective way to train, for those who have experienced applying it over a period of time. I’m just beginning 10 reps for my first cycle and so far am enjoying this training method. No appreciable results to report yet, but I feel tighter and have a greater pump than working each body part just once a week.