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I was wondering what people thought was the best program for gains in size I just dont know what one to use there is the german volume training, there is the waterbury 3-day-per-week, full-body workout plan, there is some by CT. anyway what do you think is the best program on T-nation for hypertrophy. thanks

It’s a great place to start.

I have made great gains on this program, but eating is the key to any muscle building program…also the key to recovery.

Man there are to many great ones to choose one. All will give great results depending on what you have been doing, and how you stack them. Pick something that is a major change from what you have been doing and go for it.

The main thing is to follow it to COMPLETION. Dont go a couple weeks and then change. Give them there full attention and they will work. Complete one and move to the next that cathes your eye. You will beconme further educated on what works best for YOU (individual thing ya know)with the completion of each.

So grab a program by CT (OVT & others), CW (ABBH,etc.), Staley’s EDT, really any opf them. Give them a full run and then change it up. Do something else.

Good luck and happy new years


What program are u talking about u didn’t metion which one

Thanks PHILL happy new years man

[quote]Quadethefinest wrote:
What program are u talking about u didn’t metion which one
Thanks [/quote]


PM me with your email addy if you want the spreadsheet

TBT is incredible. So is Quatro Dynamo. So is triple total training. EDT is highly effective as well.

Specialization program: Shoulders Overhaul by CT
Least but not last: The bulk building routine by Ian King that incorporates the 20 reps breathing Squat a fundamental and forgotten exercise.
From other authors:
Jurassic and Dinosaur routines by Kubik.
Have a good time !

I say Westside For Skinny Bastards. Just starting it so I can’t tell you the results yet, but I think it is naive to think you are going to big unless you are also very strong.

Your goals should include stength targets as well as size ones.

I would recommend you begin your journey by thinking about what you can really commit in terms of time, and your personal recovery rate. Then you can look at each one of the programs and see if you can handle the load. I have found Waterbury’s Total Body Training methods as well as Christian Thibaudeau’s Pendulum Bodybuilding very effective. They are different approaches, and require different levels of commitment to rest, training, etc. Pendulum have variation built in, so you can stay on them for 15 weeks as CT recommends. I read in another post where CW recommend the following cylce for mass gains:
Waterbury method
Triple Total Training
Total Body Training
Quatro Dynamo
in that order. That is 6 months of options, and should keep the gains coming. If you are looking to add size, I would say the two most important factors are 1) be consistent in training and diet: stick with what you are doing long enough to know if it works 2) consume more than you use! Gaining mass naturally is a product of consuming more calories than you take in and giving your body a reason to create more muscle with the surplus.

Finally, dont confuse getting fat with getting big. I have found it most succesfull if I zig zag to my body weight goals, gain weight until my body fat goes over a certain level, train back down to burn some of the extra fat, repeat.

Good luck!

I am already strong Hypertrophy is what the ladies like lol

[quote]Quadethefinest wrote:
I am already strong Hypertrophy is what the ladies like lol [/quote]

205 bench and 310 deadlift?