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Hi everone

This is a very general question but what is everyone’s favourite way to gain size,not strengh just plain SIZE

Im currently on the latest Chad Waterbury’s 3 day per week full body workouts and this seems to be the best ive ever grown on any program ive tried.
But some of my fiends are huge and they use for xample
15 reps and no lower for each bodypart
Now i know everyone is different and what works for someone might not work for another,thats why i was just curious what u guys use for just plain hypertrophy.

Don’t forget that the more you train the more sarcoplasmic hypertrophy you get. So some of the gains that you see may be caused by the higher frequency.

I’ve heard that the hypertrophy specific training program is a very effective method for this. I’ve not tried it myself but some of the principles are the same to TBT such as increased frequency of training each muscle group and emphasizing the compound lifts and changing up the load and rep scheme frequently - I think that these are the main elements for hypertrophy training