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Hypertrophy Workout Input

I am doing a split routine as a break from some CW stuff that worked really well for me and just wrote up a 4x/wk full body workout I would like to build back up to. The pairings are supersets should the crowd allow at my gym. Havent decided on the orderof the days.


Incline Bench
Cable Row

Power Upright Row
Hammer Curl

Back Squat
Calf Raise


Weighted Dips
Close Pull Up

Standing Military Press
Reverse Curl

Front Squat or Lunges
Calf Raise


Flat Bench
Wide Pull Up

Push Press
Hanging Pike

Calf Raise


Flat Bench
Bent Over Row

Single Arm Shoulder Press
Weighted Crunch

Romainian Deadlift
Calf Raise

My goal is hypertrophy, strength is secondary but welcome. I am unsure about the 3x15 day - is it a good choice for this goal? Also, is 3x5 a good low volume strength day or should it be lower reps, maybe 4x3? Is volume good overall? I think its high but I may be slightly assisted, not sure yet though.

My shoulders are a weak point and I would like to put on mass here especially, but is this program going to be too much for my joints? Should I switch an overhead pressing movement with some rear raises?

On the 4x8 day I want to do Front Squats or Lunges. What seems like a better choice?

Any other input is appreciated. Thanks.

That’s a lot of work each day. Trying to do six exercises for 8 sets of 4 will wear you down fast!

How come you haven’t tried some of the other hypertrophy programs on the site rather than putting your own plan together?

you know you are right. 8 sets of 4 I really like, but I dont think I could keep it up for 6 lifts.

If you want something 4 days/week maybe try doing the just the first phase of Waterbury’s high frequency workout for maybe 4-5 weeks instead of 2 (I think)like as said in the program. Just an idea.