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Hypertrophy Training

I’m a 17 yr old highschool student, in my last year of highschool. I’m currently wrestling and am going to be playing rugby in the summer. The problem is that rugby starts as soon as wrestling ends, so i have to train for rugby while i’m wrestling. Now for wrestling, I’ve got 7 practices a week, with double practices on tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays. so the only days where I don’t have practice are fridays and the weekend. If I don’t have a tournament on the weekend, I can hit the gym for a few hours, otherwise I don’t even have enough time for that. What I wanted to know was if you could suggest a way in which I could train for rugby without overtraining. I wanted to know if there’s a 2-day/week hypertrophy program that I can use to prepare for the upcoming rugby season without hurting my wrestling season too much. Any advice will be very appreciated. Thanks