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Hypertrophy Training for Female?

Dear Paul, I Would really appreciate your advise on this… after recovering from an illness, I will restart training as a very skinny woman with basically no muscle left aiming to build as much muscle as possible…which is difficult for females to Begin with. What kind of Program would you recommend? How would you train a skinny female if you needed her to Put on as much muscle as possible while keeping a healthy body composition (no excessive but enough fat gain)? thank you in advance

I don’t recommend programs any different for females really. I know there’s a lot of discussion about that however even the Barbahlo study showed that females gained a ton of strength and mass on very consolidated programs when training very hard.

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Just out of interest, could you explain briefly what you mean by “consolidated programs”.

Also, I think I remember Rippetoe writing that women can lift close to their 1RPM for reps, and can keep better eccentric control after concentric failure. Would this suggest that they can use and recover from lifting to failure, rest pause etc. just as much, if not more than, men?

Not really

To an extent yes.