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Hypertrophy Stimulus Block to Compliment High Performance Mass Block

Hi CT,
Just got a few short questions to complete my 4-2 or 3-1 schedule of alternating high performance mass and hypertrophy stimulus.

I just read your ‘Built for Battle’ (looks awesome) program as well so Ill adopt that into my high performance mass blocks work along with ‘Look like Bodybuilder, Perform like an Athlete’, this has got me psyched.


  1. For my 2 weeks of hypertrophy work, should I follow the ‘Best Damn Program’? Although, I was thinking of dropping the heavy rest/pause work so my 3 stimuluses would be:
    a) mTor Sets- 6-8 reps
    b) Intensification Technique (Partials)- 8-10 reps
    c) Extended Set Technique (Drop Set or Rest/Pause)- 10-12 reps

So, taking quads as example:
Squat- mTor Sets- 6-8 reps
Hack Squat- Intensification Technique (Partials)- 8-10 reps
Leg Extensions- Extended Set Technique (Drop Set or Rest/Pause)- 10-12 reps

This a good approach?

  1. If following the ‘Best Damn Program’ protocol hitting muscle 3x week, using the stimuluses above, should I do the 1 set to failure or should this 2 hypertrophy weeks be more volume based? I ask because can the 1 set to failure protocol of hypertrophy work fit the idea of creating a neural deload effect from lower intensity work?

  2. With the Assisted Circuit in ‘Built for Battle’, it consists of volume work (3 working sets per exercise), from reading your work on cortisol, wont this increase cortisol production, I’m a little confused for a natty what’s appropriate 1 working set to failure vs volume work. How does it all work?

  3. Bonus question: What do you think of coffee pre-workout. Is it a bad stimulant to have, should I look to not have any kind of stimulant before training? What are your thoughts on coffee and stimulants?

Thank you, really excited to get started,