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Hypertrophy Specific Training

For the past four weeks I’ve been doing Bryan Haycock’s HST program and am now 2/3 of the way through. My problem is, while I continue to gain strength, I’ve seen very little if any hypertrophy in the last 4 weeks. In fact, I’ve actually gone from 214 to 207 since I began the program. Granted, school just started back up so walking across campus to class all day doesn’t help, but a 7 pound loss when I’m supposed to be GAINING weight?!?! The main thing that I want to know is how crucial the last two weeks of the program is to actually seeing hypertrophy, or if I should already be seeing some by now and ditch his program and go to one of my own. Any input would be appreciated.

Finish the program, but keep in mind that no matter what program you use, your diet is going to determine whether you make gains or not. So when someone says, “This program isn’t working” my first question is “What are you eating?”

There are other common problems I see when someone says this:

1) They're already overtrained when they come into a program. I doubt this would be a problem with HST given the two weeks of 15's.

2) They expect too much too soon.

3) They aren't following the program correctly. This happens with supplements as well. Someone will say something didn't work for them and with further questioning you find out they were taking it wrong. I had a buddy who liked Surge but I later found out he was mixing it with milk. I told him he'd really like it if he followed the label!

4) The person IS making progress but since they don't measure progress with a couple of different methods (scale, calipers, photos etc) they don't realize they've made progress. For example, a beginner may think his fat loss diet isn't working because the scale isn't changing much. In reality, since the beginner in new to lifting weights, he or she is also making rapid muscle gains along with the fat loss, hence the scale doesn't show much progress.

All that said, your problem is very likely diet related. Do you keep a food log? What are you eating? How many grams of each macronutrient are you taking in daily? How many calories do you take in per day? What are your stats? What's your training age? Are you male or female? These details would be helpful.

Chris is dead on. I don’t know how you were training before, but full body routines 3x/wk requires a lot of calories, especially during the 15s and 10s. Caloric requirements will be even higher if you do more than 1 set per body part. Stick with it, the last 4 weeks are where the real growth should kick in. I know that I usually lean out a little at the beginning of each cycle and then the scale goes up towards the end. Good luck. Steve