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Hypertrophy Routine?


Been doing three sets of 10 for a while now, and goodness knows that probably isn’t the best way to go… but want to switch it up and do something different/better.

Read a little bit, and found this routine on T-Nation:

Wondering if anyone’s tried it or has something better?

Right now my split is:
Lower Back/Legs

Utilizing one or two supersets, and at least one or two drop sets throughout the routine. And working in forearms and abs when I can. I like this split only because I can work in the split 1.5 times per week. I have waiting 7-8 days to work the body part again.

I am a family guy, with a pretty demanding job, and dedicate my evenings to my family. So I get up at 5am to work out - and so I have to be very efficient with my time. I’ve got about 30-40 minutes to lift… max.

Thanks for any help,


Yeah give that program a run, was popular a while back and people have reported very solid results -will also give you some good strength gains. Waterbury knows his stuff