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Hypertrophy Routine


A guy from my gym who is in the weight game for 10 years gave me a routine for hypertrophy and i would love to hear the opinions from other experienced guys about it...I want to do it because he seems like a really reliable guy and the guys he helps with training always achieve their goals but its the first time a see a program like this...

My stats are : 6'2, 200lbs at about 14% bodyfat and my main lifts are incline bench: 260x6, squats 330x5 and deadlift 405x5.Anyway here is the routine:

Day 1 , Chest
1.Dumbell Bench Press 5x10,9,8,7,6
2.Dumbell Flies 4x6(last set is a single drop set)
3.Incline Bench Press(Barbell) 5x10,9,8,7,6
4a.Low Cable-High Crossover 4x8
4b.Decline Machine Chest Press 4x6

Day 2 , Back
1.Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 5x8,6,8,6,8,
2a.Wide Grip Barbell Rows 4x10,8,6,8
2b. Close Grip Reverse Barbell Rows 4x10,8,6,8
3.Close Grip Chin Ups 5xMAX
4.Cable Rows 4x8 (Last Set Is a single drop set)

Day 3 , Shoulders
1.Arnold Press 5x8,6,8,6,8
2a.Upright Rows 4x12,10,8,6
2b.Dumbell Shrugs 4x12,10,8,6
3.Dumbell Lateral Raises 5x10,9,8,7,6
4.Seated Military Barbell Press 4x8 (last set is a single drop set)

Day 4 , Triceps and Biceps
A.Triceps :
1.Rope PushDowns 4x8,6,8,6
2.French Press 4x8 (last set is a single drop set)
3.Weighted Dips 3x10
B.Biceps :
1.Ez Bar Curls 4x8,6,8,6
2.Preacher Hammer Curls 4x8 (last set is a single drop set)
3.Concentration Curls 3x10

Day 5 , Legs
1.Standing Calf Raises 4x15
2.Leg Curl 4x6
3.Squats 4x10
4.Romanian Deadlifts 3x10
5.Lunges 3x8/leg
6.Seated Calf Raises 4x30

He told me to rest only 45''-60'' between sets and exercises ,always do slow negatives for every exercise,use 75%-80% of my max weights and take every single set from every exercise to failure.For example if the program says do 8 reps and i can do more ,lets say 12 ,i should do them and next time increase the weight 5-10 pounds.

The way i trained before (as most said that a beginner should train) was a 4 times a week upper lower split.I got a lot stronger but my physique wasnt that good and want to become a bodybuilder not a powerlifter so i asked for a routine to achieve my goals.
So what do you think?Any help would be awesome and really apreciated


The only way of telling is by trying it out yourself. Learn as you do it, and remember that your training evolves (you adjust it as you gain experience).

Big mistake some people make is following some routine 100% then turning around and claiming it was crap. When in reality, it may have only taken a few tweaks (for your own personal recovery/build).

As for the above quoted text, some people (like myself) respond well to low volume routines (what some would class as 'powerlifting'), but many who do that type of training just seem to get stronger without optimal size gains/development.


I've never understood threads like this other than to just get a pat on the back or something. Some guy--I'm guessing he's a lot bigger than you--meets you in person and gives you a program. A veteran of bodybuilding with 10 years experience, and yet you're going to post it here to get a bunch of opinions over the internet from guys who probably don't even have 5.

Now go listen to whatever this guy's got to say like a 5th grader in sex ed.


Looks like fun.

Now go out and get it done. Report back in 6 months.



hypertrophy schemes do not include sets of 8,7,6... more like 12, 11, 10... John Berardi, google him.


Every single set to failure on a 20+ worksets routine seems excessive to me. other than that the actual setup looks good aside from there being no direct rear delt work.


Skip Lacour, google him. Jeff Willett, Google him. Jeff Rodrigues, google him. Chad Waterbury, google him.

Chaos and Pain, google it.

John Berardi is by and large a NUTRITION expert... Not sure why you would recommend googling him for weight training advice.

There are TONS of people who do NOT go into the 10+ rep scheme and achieve phenomenal results...


x2 most of my best gains in size did not come from the 10+ rep sets

and to the OP, looks fine if your eating enough which you better do. and I personally wouldnt take everything to failure then again i barely ever take anything to failure anymore..


he's talking about hypertrophy.. 9-12 rep sets. look it up, bro.

have you seen Berardi's physique? insane. pretty sure he's knowledgable on lifting. in better shape than any of the dudes you listed. not to mention, without nutrition, lifting is not much.


You obviously did not Google any of the names I listed...


nothing to say in this thread except...good back brother.


Beradi in better shape than Skip and the others he listed? Hahahahaha.


Just want to make sure, you do realize that's actually Lonnie in his avi, right??




Damn, I did it wrong. I put 5" on my arms doing mostly work sets of "8-4".

I'm such a dumbass.


You should have looked it up, bro.


haha i sure didnt until now... i stand corrected. Either way, hypertrophy is gained with 9-12 rep sets, as far as i've read. Not that you can't gain 5" on your arms in another fashion


As in... not through hypertrophy?