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Hypertrophy Reps


Firstly, hello everyone im obviously new here, been reading for awhile and just decided to join.
Would like to know what reps people use to gain hypertrophy on each bodypart, in comparsion to my biceps and back my shoulders are quite large especially for my size, they look like i stole them from someone much larger, i always use low reps (6-8) for shoulders. But im struggling to stick to a rep range for the other body parts, ive hit a big plateau I think.
Lets just say these reps are for compound movements, thanks.


For the most part eating is going to determine growth. Obviously you need to train with extreme intensity but after that you need eat and eat lots for optimal growth not really a rep range. Most do say that higher reps 8+ are better for hypertrophy but you will still gain size with low reps as well. Just lift heavy and intensely and eat.


Thanks i agree, but i also think no matter how good my diet is eventually correct rep range will come into play. I want too see the numbers people are using, eg 5x5 for squats or something more complex like 15,10,8,8,6,4... whats more effective


no offence but you wont get a solid answer out of anybody here. theyre all going to say nobody's body is the same, everyone is different and needs to experiment with what their body grows from.

...oh, and eat alot.


Thats fair enough, I know nobody can give me a magical answer, just curious to see what has worked for others.
Im slow twitch dominant if that helps, im naturally lean with low bodyfat, i gain weight slowly but its quality lean muscle.


What has worked for others is basically EVERYTHING. Some people use 1-3 reps with short rest periods(Chaos and Pain). Some people use 4-6 reps(Max-OT). Some people use 6-8. Some people use 8-12(Standard BBing). Some people use 5x5. Some people use 12-20 done in a triple rest-pause set(Doggcrap)...

The KEY is lifting with mind blowing intensity, NOT really the number of reps someone is doing. Pick a rep range that YOU LIKE DOING and focus on increasing the weight in that rep range.


Thanks, thats the most sense Ive heard in a good while, trying to push past this barrier has made me question every method i use.


It varies from person to person....

No really, all I can give is my opinion. For quads and hams I like 8-10. Calves 12-15. Chest 5-8. Arms 8-12. Shoulders 6-12. Abs 10+. Again though this is personal preferance.

Main thing is making every rep count, which is a lot easier said than done but if you honestly do this every time you'll see growth training in any range.


very probably you born with good delts so almost everything you do works,my 2 euros that your delts continue to grow even if you train them with different reps number...
said this,if you hit a plateau just change excercise until you 'll hit enother plateau (as per Westside/DC protocols).........


As opposed to fat muscle?

All muscle is 'lean'

(sorry... Pet peeve of mine)


Uhh pretty much anything works for me lol the best things iver noticed lately

chest- 2-4 reps

Back - 8-10

shoulders - anything usually heavier for front and side then lighter for rear

arms - 8-10

legs - literally anything

just me personally


dre1986 wrote:

Blackaggar wrote

... As you can see, this may take a bit of experimentation to get right :wink: I doubt these guys stumbled on these kind of rep schemes for different body parts by accident. It probably took a few years to nail these down.


yeah haha took a long time for me to figure out


different muscle groups respond to different rep ranges... like the triceps - heavy/low reps. all about muscle fiber %'s in the "part" you're trying to work. couple good articles throughout the site, use the search bar and type "muscle fibers" or something along those lines. you'll get some good information by just scrolling/reading the articles tab. dont be lazy and ask here :slightly_smiling:


lonnie123 gives great advice. but anyways yeah dude whatever try them all. ive been doing sets of 10 and everyonce in a while 12 for like a year now. but ive also spent lots of time doing heavy doubles and 5x5 in the past.



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Thanks everybody



Read these articles, they may help, but trial and error is the only way you will find out what works best for you