Hypertrophy, Rep and Sets Question

Generally it’s said that hyperthropy is 6-12reps 3-6sets with 2min breaks. And, doing less than 6 reps is more strenght training. But…

What about 4reps 1min break 8sets?
or 3 reps and 10 sets with 15sec break?


What if after doing 6reps x 6sets 2min break, you just keep going but with lower weights, so that you always get 6reps (kinda like pyramid), until you can’t the lift the barbell anymore?

How does these training variations affect hyperthropy (musclegrowth) and strength? (let’s think about overhead press or front squat or bench press in these examples)

Thanks for your help.

Edit: To put it more simply:

Question 1. If I drop the rest time but also drop the repetitions (more weight) at what point is it more hyperthropy than strength. Rest time vs repetitions.

Question 2. When we talk about training to failure, say we do 8reps x 4sets. During the last two sets you need help to get the 8th rep. Now, if you would just continue doing sets but dropped the weight so you alway almost get the 8th rep with small help. And would do more sets, always dropping weight. Say:
150kg x 8 x 4
and then continue 130kg x8, 115kg x 8, 100kg x 8, 80kg x8, 60kg x 8,40x 8, 20kg x6 (barbell weight).
Would this be good for hyperthropy (training for total failure once a week) or not ideal(why?).

(In competetive judo we trained endurance with explosive jumping squats for 5min~ until our legs didnt lift us up anymore. So I am wondering why people dont literally train to failure with weights and restperiods)

(weight x reps / time ) is an important concept.

Say you can front squat 275x2 when you are fresh.
Lets say it takes you 2 minutes to do that again.

After a while this will get a little easier, and it might take you just a minute to recover.
If this is the case its pretty likely your 1rm went up.

As far getting big muscles, if you can move a large weight for a high number of reps …
…You are going to probably have big muscles.

You are rediculously overthinking this, focus on moving more weight over time.

I dont think he is overthinking it THAT much, he is probably just a numbers/details type of person and that is how he thinks through it .

As a beginner I wouldn’t worry about it, all those can work for a time -theres more than one way to skin a cat. Find Tim henriques article about rotating through different rep schemes over the course of a year

OP you wrote:
“Generally it’s said that hyperthropy is 6-12reps 3-6sets with 2min breaks”

Your profile says 2 years training. I think most would agree those breaks should read 30-90 sec.
For strenght Chad Waterbury will answer you. Get his book at the librairy or you can select here from over 160 articles in the databank. A search will be more precise than my memory.

All the best !


We’re all just gonna let “hyperthropy” slide?

He wrote it twice, for God’s sake.

Hey guys, thanks for answers. I edited my question, I hope it’s more clear now.

In regards to the second question, once the weight has dropped below a certain level, it no longer has much of an effect on strength or hypertrophy. This is true even if your muscles are fatigued. Basically, anything below 50% of your 1RM (as measured when you are fresh) is just conditioning (or warmup). It won’t make you bigger or stronger.

However, if your goals are sport performance oriented, this type of training may be effective.

At the end is the link to the article.
Below is copied from an article from Christian Thibaudeau:

Intensity zones

Functional hypertrophy (6-8 reps)
Total hypertrophy (9-12 reps)
Strength-endurance (13-15 reps)

Number of exercises per muscle group

Back: 3-4
Chest: 3
Quadriceps: 3
Hamstrings: 2-3
Deltoids: 2-3
Biceps: 1-2
Triceps: 1-2
Calves: 1-2

Sets per exercise

If performing 6-8 reps: 4-5 sets
If performing 9-12 reps: 3-4 sets
If performing 13-15 reps: 2-3 sets

Rest between sets

6-8 reps = 90-120 seconds
9-12 reps = 60-75 seconds
13-15 reps = 30-45 seconds


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seriously overthinking this to much bro, switch up reps between 5-12, and hit a set with maxium intensity and you probally will only need 1 set if you do so if not maybe 2-3 tops, why you would coast through and use weights you could hit for 6 sets idk, but it doesnt sound like your lifting to hard if you can complete that many sets and reps

you are overcomplicating things my man, just GO HARD, and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY

o and if you want hypertrophy spend less time on all these sets, and get in and out in 45mins and spend more time at THE DINNER TABLE that my friend i wish someone told me awhile ago, but for growth FOOD IS WHAT CAUSES HYPERTROPHY