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Hypertrophy Programs


Looking or a program designed for hypertrophy. I'm looking to maximize size and shape rather than strength. I have the complete list of Waterbury workouts so I have a base to work from, I'm just looking for your personal favorites.


Gawd, I wish people would quit doing that. Programs designed for strength ARE mass routines if you eat enough to gain muscle mass. Why are people trying to separate the two? You have to get stronger to get bigger and you have to eat more to get bigger. It is NOT more complicated than that regardless of whose workouts you have a list of.


Why would you not want to be stronger? Also, use the search option above.


Used the search button, 9 trillion subjects come up, most of them are break offs from articles that have been posted. I understand to get big you need to be strong, but I also understand that a bodybuilder lifts differently than a power lifter.


Most of CT's articles/programs are geared toward bodybuilders or hypertrophy. Why not look into some of them? And yes, you can get stronger and bigger at the same time if you eat enough!


How bout some stats? I have a feeling you're at an experience/development level where worrying about much more than moving some weight around and eating a bunch of good food is doing you more harm than good like about 70% of the people here.


6'0 248. Been lifting about 8 years now. Never lifted for cosmetic purposes before, simply for functional strength. 380 bench, 560 squat, 365 front squat, 295 clean, 210 snatch. I eat fine, I workout fine. I simply want to know what workouts you all have used for hypertrophy and which ones you liked.


Fair enough, that should make it even simpler. You already have a solid foundation and are going to have to experiment to find out what's going to get you balanced out. With 8 years of even non cosmetic centered lifting experience you're in a better position to have ideas about that than any of us. You have a huge head start on me.


Waterbury's Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy or his Big Boy Basics. The Westside stuff kicks ass also.